Tuesday, May 31, 2005

More family photos

Okay, here's some more photographic gems from our family visit:

Dad, Cathi, Scott, Allyson, Paul, Beau and Lady

Beau being his handsome self....of course I said the famous "squirrel" word to make him look at me so eagerly. :)

3 Generations: A dad, a son, and a grandson

Doggie Smooches!

Scott, looking too cool on a motorcycle...how do you like those $200 sunglasses? :)

These animals around here know who butters their bread.....Grandpa!

We've had a really fun visit - the kids have enjoyed spending time with their grandpa...this was the first time they have ever met Grandpa and Cathi, and they are 10 and 11, so this was quite an event for our family. Grandpa and Cathi leave today to head back to Colorado.

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