Sunday, May 22, 2005

A Hidden Treasure in Jackson, TN

Yesterday was a busy day for me and the children. First we went to the dog show here this weekend. That was fun and informative, and I loved seeing all of the different breeds up close and personal.

Then we went to a local horse farm which was having an open house. This place is a HIDDEN TREASURE and just 2 minutes from my house! I never even knew it existed. Since my daughter has been wanting to learn how to ride for years, I feel so blessed to have found this place. Plus, the owner's attitude is one I like. She is careful and cautious with her students, and she is a very positive person. The whole environment is very positive and uplifting. My daughter loved it there and wants to sign up for their day camp this summer. I think this will be a good thing to help her develop self-confidence and self-esteem.

Anyway, if you live in Jackson, TN and want to see this hidden treasure yourself, it's Dogwood Stables and their website is

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