Thursday, May 19, 2005

Your body believes every word you say... every word someone else around you I feel it believes the energy you FEEL from other people (regardless of whether they "say" anything) as well as from events.

Now I've known this for a long time. Apparently I chose to "forget" about this factor in my recent years. Now that I'm aware of it again, it's time for some changes.

Example: I grew up believing I was ignored. Everything creative I did was shared, and it was brushed was like I got no reaction from those around me, no support, no encouragement. So I've spent my life waiting (weighting) to be seen and acknowledged. Notice how my 2 biggest issues (my jewelry career and weight loss efforts) are intertwined there.

For some reason, I have people in my life who see me as a "loser". Sometimes they say something (like one did yesterday) and many times they don't...but I pick up on their general feeling. These words, and this energy, are seeping into my system daily. Not only that, but I have been attempting to "lose" weight and "weighting" for it to happen (these are thoughts in my mind...using those exact words). Which is me telling myself I am a loser (on one hand), yet I have excess weight...therefore I am contradicting myself. I have NOT been losing the weight like I should, yet I'm doing all the right things. And the other important area in my life (jewelry career) feels like it's a loser, because of lack of proper sales and very little physical response (a response I can see and feel) to my work.

So it's time to make some mental changes here in the way I think, the way I talk to myself, plus my OWN belief system -- and on top of that, I need to discover a way to block the negative energy (you're a loser mentality) from others.

The word "goals" has been popping up in my mind a LOT over the past week. I admit, I have general goals in my mind, but nothing specific. And I am well aware of the Law of Attraction, although I admit, I have not been conciously practicing it. "What you think about comes about." It's real simple....and very easy to do, since I have the ability to choose what I want to think about. WHY I haven't been paying attention to this, I don't know, but I am aware of it now and it's time to pay attention.

The first thought I'm putting out of my mind is the "lose weight" thought. Which will also help with my "loser" belief that's embedded in me. Starting today, I am going to GAIN a healthier body and more attractive figure. Each bit of food I eat gives me ENERGY. The exercise I am doing enables me to be LIGHTER, to do things more EASILY, and to fit in my clothing COMFORTABLY. Not only that, but because I am becoming THIN AND TRIM, I get to buy NEW CLOTHING. I buy this new clothing which fits my TRIM FIGURE better with the money from my INCREASED SALES of my jewelry. All of this makes me FEEL BETTER about how I look when I go out and I can wear my jewelry with PRIDE, which will then create more INTEREST in what I have to offer the world.

Wow - long paragraph there. Filled with a plethora of words I desire to fill my mind with. Let's take a look at the key words: Gain energy, lighter, easily, comfortably, thin & trim, new clothing, trim figure, increased sales, feel better, pride & interest. I think that self talk is quite a bit better than what I was thinking before! Now if I put these thoughts in my mind, and speak those words, and focus on them intensely - THOSE are the things I will receive in my life. In looking over the list, I believe all of those are things I wish to have in my life.

Now...what to do when someone ELSE is dishing out negative comments or feelings. This is a challenge. The only way I can think of to counteract that (in addition to mentally saying "cancel cancel" to their thoughts and energy), is to take what I am getting from them, and conciously turn it around into a statement (spoken or just in my mind) that I desire to focus on.

For instance, let's say someone has just made a comment about that all of this work I'm doing is not generating any income. (despite the fact it is generating SOME income, but perhaps it is not comparable to the $1000 sale they just had) Now I can do what I've been doing - internalize this and see myself as a loser, especially comparing my low sales to their high sales. Or I can tell them - or just myself - a statement which says "the new marketing I'm doing this month is generating a great increase in my sales." So rather than internalize their subtle criticism and take it on as my own, I can choose to create a NEW thought to put in my head and repeat over and over to myself. Sure sounds better than "you're a loser"!

Now let's address this issue of "weighting" for things to happen. No more! If I keep doing that, I'll be in constant "weight mode"...detrimental to my sales and my body. It's time for me to focus each day on MAKING things happen. And I'm not talking about "making" other people do anything....I am not in control of that. But I am in control of making myself do things to move forward toward my goals. Which is the next issue to address...goals.

Goals - I need some specific ones. I have my general goals (to be successful, look better, feel better and be happy with my work and personal life). Those aren't specific enough. So I'm going to make a list of specific goals and/or statements which I can focus on daily.

Basically it's time to take out the trash in my mind, dust off the shelves, and put some new shiny things which sparkle with the joy of life in place.

Back soon........:)

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