Sunday, May 22, 2005

Ever changing world

It's amazing to me how much the internet has changed since I first got on it, oh gosh, 8 or so years ago. I was just amazed at the wealth of information available, and still am in most cases. What has changed is the people. It's amazing to me how you can have supposedly, hundred's, thousands, even millions of people "out there" who are seeing your existence, yet only a few make that known.

For instance, you try to start a discussion on a "discussion list" or participate in one, and you end up feeling like you're just talking to yourself. Or you get smart ass replies (yes I've had 3 of those in recent days, so I'm kind of peeved about that issue). It brings me back to the old addage - if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Which perhaps it is why I feel like I'm talking to myself...very few, if any, have anything nice to say, so they don't say anything at all. And then there are the few who must smart off to you....that "tone" is evident in the email.

And then there are those people you take your time to write to and see how they are doing, and they 1) never reply, or 2) three months later reply. I've even had a reply to a letter I wrote to someone 9 months ago! Do you know how much my life has changed in 9 months? What does that say? It says "You're not important enough to me for me to take the time." I appreciate those few who do write me back when I write to them - they are truly jewels in this ever-changing internet world.

It's rather interesting because it used to be the "real world" that behaved more that way...which is why I turned to the internet to begin with....more caring, more compassion, more sharing and discussion was being held on the internet than in the real world, which was becoming a nasty place to live. Now what I'm discovering is the internet is taking on the qualities of what I experienced in the real world many years ago.

So I've been gradually stepping back into the real world after 8 years of absence from it. I'm finding a little bit (little...not a huge difference, but a little) more of those things in the real world which are now missing in the virtual one. I guess that's a positive thing! Yet it means it's time to change again. Our ever-changing world...sigh...sometimes I'd just like to freeze those wonderful moments in time, you know?

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