Wednesday, May 18, 2005


If you click on that tiny image above, you'll uncover a treasure - the 32 images I am offering in my 2005 Nostalgia collection. Yes, I finally completed this major product update yesterday, and now site visitors can choose their jewel, choose their image, and choose their base color.

Why nostalgia? Think about it...with all the negative "stuff" going on in our world today, looking back as past images and artwork really offers a "feel good feeling". Kind of warm, cozy, safe. Sweetness and fun. Colorful. Wearing one of these pieces throughout the day is somewhat comforting. The next best thing would be sitting on grandma's porch, sipping a soda on ice, and watching the birds at the feeder...a quiet place, even in the heart of town. Gosh I miss those days.

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