Friday, May 13, 2005

Fabulous Friday!

I woke up feeling motivated today. Of course, I *finally* got under that 10 pound mark on my weight loss. Now I'm into the next 10 level. I watched Oprah's show yesterday and that was very encouraging. This morning I went over there and joined some of the boards...maybe participating in a community of people who are going through the same thing might help even more.

This morning I've already done a walk. It's beautiful outside today - hooray! I have to go to the grocery store later...and I am thinking salad, fresh fruit, and vegetables. Whole Grain too.

I made some opal pieces yesterday for the next set in my VOGUE line. I'm calling it "Morning Mist", because the sparkling light colors remind me of the sun hitting the dewdrops on the grass early in the morning.

I'm having the most trouble with ring bases. I'm trying to make my own base, in addition to using a pre-fab brass filigree base I've used for years. It's been very frustrating but I'm going to try ONE MORE TIME this morning to get it right on my own. I want something simple, easy to make - not something I have to struggle with so much. I did check on prices from a manufacturer who appears to have some cool bases...the prices are good but the minimum order is $75, and I just don't have it right now to spend. :( But I'm keeping his email with pricing...if I make some sales in the next week or so, I can perhaps raise the money to place an order.

Rings are something I've always wanted to make, because I love and collect them myself.

349 people have viewed the Autumn Splendor set. Four people have sent me their comments, which have been good. I wonder what the other 345 people think? LOL It's depressing to think that many people might NOT like the set. I know that's not the case though...many times, people just don't take the time to tell you what they think about something new you share.

I always try to tell other designers what I think about their new work. I miss some emails and don't get to comment, but I'm usually pretty good about that, because I know how much encouragement means in this lonely business. Lonely for me, because I only sell my pieces over the net right now...I don't get out and do shows yet.

I would love for some shops to order wholesale from me and carry my work in their place. That's where I'm trying to get to with these new lines I've developed of jewelry which can be "repeated". I'll never stop doing the one of a kind pieces though...that's where I really have a blast and just let go.

Anyway, off to eat my handful of Cheerios and get a shower. Later Gator!

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