Thursday, January 31, 2008

Trunk show cancelled

I have cancelled the trunk show for the Woven Woman jewelry due to lack of interest. There appears to be much more interest in my carved bead pendants, which I am posting on this blog:

Please visit when you have time!


Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Jewelry Website

Due to numerous customer requests for jewelry in sterling silver, I have re-opened to feature unique sterling silver jewelry which has all been hand-selected. The only category not complete yet is the "Charms" category, but it will be soon.

Jewels from the Woven Woman Collection ( )are also listed in the Jewel Sculptures store in the top category and can now be purchased through there. The Woven Woman trunk show opening February 1st will also be held via this website. Please register with the website to be notified when the show opens.

Be sure to also check out the 1 Week Jewels category, where I list some special jewels that are only available for one week from the day of listing. Each week, the offerings will change in this category. There are only ONE of each of the jewels listed.

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Monday, January 07, 2008

Jewelry update - Online jewelry trunk show

Just an update that I am now working on designs for my online private trunk show. To see these jewels, you will need an invitation. You can acquire your invitation by visiting and clicking on the trunk show sign. The show opens on Feb 1.

InJoy, Jai

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

From big to small...or small to big?

Here are two new designs I just very small, and one very large. For those who prefer the small, the demure, this first jewel shown is titled "Morning Glory", and it features a beautiful triangular shaped citrine yellow glass stone set in copper.

This second design titled Obsidian is a masterpiece of a brooch/pin, for those who really like to make an impression with their jewelry. The abstract design was inspired by the shape of an octopus. It features a snowflake obsidian coin bead, genuine freshwater pearls, blackstone beads, and sparkling black onyx crystals, all woven with brass wire.

One thing I love so much about these woven jewels is because of the transparency due to the use of wire (rather than a solid metal), the jewel takes on a new look everytime you change outfit colors. This is really evident with the Obsidian brooch because it is attached to clothing and the fabric color will subtly show through the wires.

Now I'm starting to work on designs for my upcoming online, invitation only trunk show. If you haven't registered yet to receive your invite, please visit to do so.