Friday, June 30, 2006

20/20/12 - "Fire Rose", original painting (click here to bid!)

"Fire Rose", original miniature painting in watercolor & ink

I'm really pleased with the way this flower turned out. I'm not pleased with the fact I haven't reached my goal of 20 paintings a week yet......sigh. I might have to change that to 20 a MONTH. LOL!

I am starting on a series of larger paintings now in addition to doing the minis. Actually these mini paintings are helping me to refine my skills in order to do the larger ones. This is a series of 12 paintings, and I'll probably call it the Sun Sign series or Birth Month series. Based on some features of astrology/zodiac, there will be one painting for each month of the year, featuring certain things or imagery in each painting which are applicable to the sun sign for that month.

For instance, I am a LEO and the first painting I'm doing in the series will be for the month of August. There are items applicable to that sun sign in the painting, as well as the "feel" which matches the personality of the Leo woman. By the time I have all 12 complete, I'll have a nice grouping of work, one painting representing each birth month.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

20/20/11 - "Cockatiel Cocktail" - original painting (click here to bid)

"Cockatiel Cocktail", original painting
Watercolor & Ink

20/20/10 - "Fruit Fight", cockatiels painting (click here to bid!)

Like there's not enough bananas there to go around...:)
Titled "Fruit Fight"
Watercolor & Ink original art

20/20/9 - "Cherry Dip" original Cockatiel painting (click here to bid!)

This 'tiel is like me - she wants her fruit dipped in CHOCOLATE! (you go girl!)
Watercolor & Ink original painting titled "Cherry Dip".

Today's update

Well I still haven't reached my goal yet on the 20 paintings a week, but I'm not giving up! As it is, I lucked out with today and don't have to leave my house until 5 this evening. HOORAY! ALL DAY TO WORK! Of course yesterday was pretty quiet and I did manage to get my Coloresque site revamped for cards rather than canvas prints.....which I think will sell much better as they are more afforable for everyone. I've been printing and giving my artist-signed note cards to others, and I've even framed a couple for folks and they are loving them from the responses I'm getting. So I hope this will be much more successful.

Today my goal is to complete the next 3 cockatiel paintings and then move onto the 8 floral pieces I have planned out. The first cockatiel painting is on Ebay. To see all of the current minis I've completed, click here.

I've also discovered what my goal is for my art. My goal through my art is to send light to the human heart. We have so much YUCK in the world and if I can make someone laugh, or smile, say "awwwwwww", have a warm fuzzy moment or bring back a fond memory of something, then I have done my job with my work. I created the logo above and put it in my auctions, and I am thinking of revamping the front page of my site and using that as the main "visual" since it features one of my absolute favorites of my mini paintings, The Golden One, also currently on Ebay.


Saturday, June 24, 2006

20/20/8 - "Beach Dancing" - Cockatiel in her bathing suit, original art (click here to bid)

"Beach Dancing", featuring a Cockatiel in her one-piece bathing suit, dancing on the sand. Watercolor & Ink, original painting.

20/20/7 - "Tell You A Secret" featuring the dog and unicorn (click here to bid)

"Tell You A Secret", featuring the dog and the unicorn - original watercolor & ink artwork.

Update: As you can tell, I haven't reached my 20 paintings yet for this week (I still have 2 days though!). It's amazing to me how when you set your mind to do something, so many things seem to pop up and get in the way (or try to). For me that has been people with negative energy who try to get me to do what THEY want, with no regard to what my life, my schedule, or my feelings, wants and desires are.

See, somewhere in my early life, I switched from being an ARTIST to someone with a CDYCOM Degree ("come dump your crap on me" degree). So I've been working for the last several years to toss away that degree and regain my ARTIST title, as that pays better and it's much more fulfilling to me as a person. As a result, since I am so quick to say what I REALLY think and back off of the "receiving of the crap" the other degree entailed, it's angered a few people who now feel they have to threaten me if I don't do what they want, and I've been yelled at a bit, as well as had to deal with the rudest, the ugliest, and the downright meanest behaviors I've ever seen.

It's been really difficult this week and I've ticked off a few more folks.....but....last time I checked, they weren't living my life and trying to pay my bills. (that CDYCOM degree just doesn't pay well at all!) So I'm standing my ground and I *will* keep on my path with my 20 mini paintings each week.

(don't get me wrong....I do have friends with whom I share troubles and have discussions about life issues with...but these TRUE friends actually are fair about it....they share their stuff, I share mine, and we both move on to the track we want to be on with our lives...they don't try to "take over" my life, nor to they blatantly ignore my issues while trying to cram their own - day in and day out - down my I said, those are TRUE relationships where there is genuine caring for the other person.)

Anyway, back on track now, I've got some COCKATIEL paintings on the drawing board, some great DOG works of art, and a series of FLORALS. Plus I am willing to hear suggestions of what others want to see - with these mini paintings I am totally open to creating any type of art in the small format!


Friday, June 23, 2006

20/20/6 - "Ready to Ride" featuring blue unicorn (click here to bid)

"Ready to Ride", featuring a blue unicorn. Original watercolor & ink illustration.

20/20/5 - Black Cherry Unicorn (click here to bid)

"Black Cherry Unicorn", original watercolor & ink painting

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

20/20/4 - "The Golden One", baby pegasus horse (click here to bid!)

This is the next painting in my 20/20 project - titled "The Golden One", it features Boomerang, the colt from our local stables, as a baby pegasus horse.

Watercolor & Ink

Monday, June 19, 2006

20/20/3 - "Blue & Gold Macaw Portrait" (click here to bid)

Today's painting 20/20/3 - "Blue & Gold Macaw Portrait"
Watercolor & Ink

20/20/2 - Sunday Afternoon Nap (click here to bid)

Today's painting 20/20/2 - "Sunday Afternoon Nap"
Watercolor & Ink

20/20/1 - Parrot Tulip (click here to bid)

Today's painting 20/20/1 - "Parrot Tulip", a flower portrait. Watercolor & Ink

My 20/20 Painting Project!

This weekend I've begun my 20/20 painting project. In this project, I've challenged myself to create 20 small paintings a week, and I'll be listing the originals on Ebay for only $20 each. Yesterday, I finished the first 3 paintings for this week, so I'll be posting them next. To see all of the 20/20 art, click here to visit the gallery on my site.

If the paintings don't sell on Ebay for some reason, then I will be placing them up for sale on my site for regular price. Some of them I will probably mat and frame and take to the gallery as well.

This is a good way for me to perfect my painting skills on a wide variety of subjects, and a more afforable way to introduce others to the art I can create.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Elusive Pursuit of Perfection - COMPLETE!

Here's a look at my newest surreal painting "The Elusive Pursuit of Perfection". Click on the painting for a larger view. Click on this link to order prints and to see details about the original work.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Elusive Pursuit of Perfection

The Elusive Pursuit of Perfection.....that's the name of my next painting I'm currently working on. I've decided not to continue to put descriptions of my paintings on my website - it's better to let the viewer place their own interpretation with the work, and it seems to be quite the "mystery" to viewers when they have to wonder what the artist was thinking when they painted it. Here, though, I will continue to say what I'm thinking when I do my work.

There are 3 very important aspects to this painting: The long, winding road to perfection, which actually winds to infinity...the man walking away...and the little boy he leaves behind. He is leaving the boy as he walks the road to "Perfection" -- which can never be found, because it does not exist in our human world. He has a long journey ahead of him to discover that.

In this painting, I will be adding in some ink work. I love the bold contrast of ink against the light and airy feeling of the watercolor. I am hoping it will have a profound impact.


Monday, June 12, 2006

NEW PAINTING: "In Your Hands"

Here's my newest painting in watercolor titled "In Your Hands". In this illustration, I've attempted to deliver a message of self-responsibility.

In the hands sits a bluebird - a bird representative of happiness. Your happiness is in your hands. Some people don't like to hear that - many put their happiness (or lack thereof) into the hands of others. But in reality, I believe our happiness is totally our own responsibility.

Sure, sometimes we have rough times. This is what the woman represents in this painting...she is coming from darkness and despair, and is coming into the light and promise of the rainbow-filled future. Often as we struggle through the dark times, we need a source of strength - this is what the tiger represents...he is carrying the woman forward, giving her a "lift" into the light.

One year ago this month, I walked out of Books a Million here in Jackson and saw the most amazing sight - two glorious and colorful rainbows filling the sky. So I've added them into my painting to demonstrate what our futures can's just a matter of if we can be open enough to see the good that's out there...and if we are willing to reach for that good and hold it in our hands.

The original painting and prints can be purchased from my website. It's a colorful design - one which will hopefully give others the hope and promise of the beauty ahead.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Back from Florida!

Well we made it back from FL. Don't think I was ever so glad to be back home as I was with this trip....the drive was long and exahusting, though we were lucky with the beautiful weather we had. But I'm sure glad to be back at "the Sanctuary" (i.e. my house).

Here's some photos of little Alex...he is just the most precious little miracle!

Here's a photo of mom Kelly with little Alex - she sure has done great through this whole thing and that little boy is just going to have the best mom ever! :)

And here's a photo of "Birth Journey", framed and hanging on the wall. She had the perfect spot reserved for it and it looks fabulous in her home.

I've enjoyed the break and welcoming Alex into the world...but now it's time to get back to life again...starting with mowing the yard today and hopefully beginning my next illustration by tomorrow. The next painting is called "In Your Hands" and the message it delivers is one of self-responsibility.


Saturday, June 03, 2006

Florida is beautiful!

Once again the Florida weather is beautiful! I've been lucky both times I've been here. :) My little nephew is the MOST precious thing - he smiled at me this morning - TWICE! :)

Kelly loves "Birth Journey" and it looks fabulous hanging on her wall. I brought the 8x10 prints along and gave her mother one and brought two more for her two best friends.

Today we are having a brunch with Kelly's parents who will be going back home to WI tonight. We are going to spend some time on the beach this afternoon. My children saw the ocean for the first time last was dark though, so we must go back today when they can really enjoy it. We will regretably be leaving in the morning to head back to TN.

It's been a lovely visit - Kelly is doing very well since Alex's birth last Tuesday and she is the most gracious hostess! We have totally enjoyed coming here and I will miss her and Alex dearly when we leave. :( I'll post some photos when I return home.