Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Today's update

Well I still haven't reached my goal yet on the 20 paintings a week, but I'm not giving up! As it is, I lucked out with today and don't have to leave my house until 5 this evening. HOORAY! ALL DAY TO WORK! Of course yesterday was pretty quiet and I did manage to get my Coloresque site revamped for cards rather than canvas prints.....which I think will sell much better as they are more afforable for everyone. I've been printing and giving my artist-signed note cards to others, and I've even framed a couple for folks and they are loving them from the responses I'm getting. So I hope this will be much more successful.

Today my goal is to complete the next 3 cockatiel paintings and then move onto the 8 floral pieces I have planned out. The first cockatiel painting is on Ebay. To see all of the current minis I've completed, click here.

I've also discovered what my goal is for my art. My goal through my art is to send light to the human heart. We have so much YUCK in the world and if I can make someone laugh, or smile, say "awwwwwww", have a warm fuzzy moment or bring back a fond memory of something, then I have done my job with my work. I created the logo above and put it in my auctions, and I am thinking of revamping the front page of my site and using that as the main "visual" since it features one of my absolute favorites of my mini paintings, The Golden One, also currently on Ebay.


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