Friday, June 30, 2006

20/20/12 - "Fire Rose", original painting (click here to bid!)

"Fire Rose", original miniature painting in watercolor & ink

I'm really pleased with the way this flower turned out. I'm not pleased with the fact I haven't reached my goal of 20 paintings a week yet......sigh. I might have to change that to 20 a MONTH. LOL!

I am starting on a series of larger paintings now in addition to doing the minis. Actually these mini paintings are helping me to refine my skills in order to do the larger ones. This is a series of 12 paintings, and I'll probably call it the Sun Sign series or Birth Month series. Based on some features of astrology/zodiac, there will be one painting for each month of the year, featuring certain things or imagery in each painting which are applicable to the sun sign for that month.

For instance, I am a LEO and the first painting I'm doing in the series will be for the month of August. There are items applicable to that sun sign in the painting, as well as the "feel" which matches the personality of the Leo woman. By the time I have all 12 complete, I'll have a nice grouping of work, one painting representing each birth month.


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