Saturday, June 03, 2006

Florida is beautiful!

Once again the Florida weather is beautiful! I've been lucky both times I've been here. :) My little nephew is the MOST precious thing - he smiled at me this morning - TWICE! :)

Kelly loves "Birth Journey" and it looks fabulous hanging on her wall. I brought the 8x10 prints along and gave her mother one and brought two more for her two best friends.

Today we are having a brunch with Kelly's parents who will be going back home to WI tonight. We are going to spend some time on the beach this afternoon. My children saw the ocean for the first time last was dark though, so we must go back today when they can really enjoy it. We will regretably be leaving in the morning to head back to TN.

It's been a lovely visit - Kelly is doing very well since Alex's birth last Tuesday and she is the most gracious hostess! We have totally enjoyed coming here and I will miss her and Alex dearly when we leave. :( I'll post some photos when I return home.


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