Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Elusive Pursuit of Perfection

The Elusive Pursuit of Perfection.....that's the name of my next painting I'm currently working on. I've decided not to continue to put descriptions of my paintings on my website - it's better to let the viewer place their own interpretation with the work, and it seems to be quite the "mystery" to viewers when they have to wonder what the artist was thinking when they painted it. Here, though, I will continue to say what I'm thinking when I do my work.

There are 3 very important aspects to this painting: The long, winding road to perfection, which actually winds to infinity...the man walking away...and the little boy he leaves behind. He is leaving the boy as he walks the road to "Perfection" -- which can never be found, because it does not exist in our human world. He has a long journey ahead of him to discover that.

In this painting, I will be adding in some ink work. I love the bold contrast of ink against the light and airy feeling of the watercolor. I am hoping it will have a profound impact.


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Paula said...

Ahhh, very deep jai. As a child of a person that didn't (and still doesn't) care to be in my life, I can say that this one will hit hard. Perfection doesn't exist. What a waste of time seeking something that isn't reachable. I look forward to seeing this piece!!!