Sunday, April 30, 2006

"Patience" Tiger Portrait - PAINTING COMPLETE! (click here)

It's done, it's done! "Patience", a tiger portrait, is now complete! Click here to see a larger photo and details about purchasing the original framed art, as well as order your signed, limited edition print (only 100 available!), open edition prints, cards, stamps and mugs.

I'm also producing a set of my note cards with this artwork. I might have those complete today - I'm not sure yet.


Busy week.....tiger painting almost complete!

Wow - I have been swamped this week and have gotten so little painting time in. Starting right now, my painting is becoming first priority this week. I'm still working on finishing my large tiger painting. It's ALMOST complete and should be finished by mid-day today. Yesterday I went and purchased the frame and the glass - the original of this painting will be going to the Dickson Gallery here in Jackson.

At the gallery we had the opening reception for Janice Sumler on Friday night. It was wonderful! I met a lot of nice people and of course I adore Janice's work - she is one of my all-time favorite artists from West TN. I feel honored to even have my work in the same gallery as her! Anyway, it was great fun.

Yesterday was my daughter's first horse show of the season. She won 3 second places and a 3rd place. Not bad for the first show of the season! I took my camera to get some good horse photos for my equine series of paintings I'll be doing over the next several months. And I captured a funny one which I will leave you with here as I get back to my tiger. This is of the colt at the stables - I guess he is 3-4 weeks old now. This photo is a reminder to ENJOY LIFE and LAUGH A LOT! :)


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's done! Catalina Macaw titled "The Manicure" painting

Finally complete is the original painting of the Catalina Macaw! Hooray - now all the birds in my first series are complete - AND my note card set is also ready for sale. Here's the applicable links to see and read more!

Buy the original of "The Manicure" or get your signed and numbered limited edition print here. Purchase note cards here.


Monday, April 24, 2006

The daily update

Well I feel lost if I don't post *something* at least once a day! Does that mean I'm addicted to blogging? LOL

Today I'm working on the 5th bird in my series, a Catalina Macaw. It's about 1/2 complete so far - now I'm getting to the point of some serious shading and fine detailing. I can't wait to get him complete, as he is the final bird which is going to be part of my "Birds of a Feather I" notecard set. I've got the set, the packaging, order forms, and everything all complete with the exception of this one painting.

Today I received in my first high quality print of the Salmon Crested Cockatoo and it is FABULOUS! I love the paper it's on, and in comparing this print with the basic prints, it's definitely finer in detail and coloring. This one is going to hang in my husband's office at work and hopefully I'll get some new business from it being there.

I also got my new business cards in - they have a photo of the Blue & Gold Macaw painting reversed on the card and they are simple and striking and I love them too! Now when someone asks about what kind of art I do, I can hand them a card. Basically I can do ANY kind of painting, but I prefer pets, birds and wildlife and the card makes that clear.

Speaking of the Blue & Gold, he ends on Ebay very soon. I can't believe there are no bids yet, especially at such a low price! *BUT* only 19 people have looked at him according to my counter. Ebay traffic seems to have really decreased. Or maybe it was only increased before because I spent so much time talking on various mailing lists and I had a lot of lookers as a result. I went no mail on all of the lists recently in order to complete a good body of paintings.

As for my notecards, I've got some big plans for several different series of cards, all based on my original paintings of course. :) Since I've always loved greeting cards and have had several published in years past, I feel it's only fitting to take my business this direction. These are plain cards on the inside, though, for people to write their own sentiments rather than me writing the verses like I used to.

Well, guess I'd better get back to the studio....that bird is calling me telling me his feathers are dry! Time for another layer of color! :)


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Yellow-Collared Macaw painting is complete! (click here)

And finally! The yellow-collared Macaw painting is complete! You can see more details on him by clicking here.

Now I'm off to run errands and drop some of my cards off at the local pet store.


Evolution,a Mitsubishi Lancer Illustration

Today I uploaded my color pencil illustration "Evolution" to my publisher's website. This is an example using their framing tool of how this print would look cropped, matted in a 1.5" black mat, and framed in black wood. WOW. Looks nice!

I also set the original art up for sale on my website and yes, it is pricey - but this art involved a lot more work time, as it is a conceptual illustration which took a while to design and draw, plus because it is created on heavy-duty cream colored mat board as the base, my blending time was literally 16 hours! That's *just for blending* the colors. That doesn't include putting all the colors on to start with.

I designed this piece in 2003 when my husband worked for the Mitsubishi department and this car was being released as well as being featured in the movie "Fast and the Furious". To me, this illustration is representative of evolving, becoming ones self, feeling free to be true to who your really are and enjoy life as you pursue and experience your own desires. It is a very important piece of art to me personally, as when I completed the piece, I was finally "evolving" into allowing myself to release the artist within.

Just as my other pieces in my previous post, this is available in a limited edition of 100 signed and numbered prints as well.

Artist Signed, Limited Edition (100) Museum Quality Print, Size 15"x22"
• Ultra-premium, moisture resistant watercolor paper
• Textured, with a matte finish
• Imprinted with UV-resistant archival inks (100+ years of fade resistance when displayed indoors and protected from direct sunlight) to create vibrant, long-lasting art
• Signed by the artist and numbered (i.e. "1/100", "2/100", etc)
• $90.00 (includes shipping)

Soon I will begin work on another automobile illustration. This one will feature an older Dodge Challenger convertible and is being created for my husband to display in his office at Dodge here in Jackson, TN.

Today I'm finishing the yellow collared Macaw painting and then will begin work on the Catalina Macaw. After that one is complete, I will choose one more bird to complete my first series of 6 birds. At some point, the series of 6 will be reproduced as greeting card sets (thanks Rachel for that grand idea!) and will be available for sale online and at the gallery here in Jackson.

Well, back to the studio to get some painting done! It's a beautiful day to get creative! :)


Friday, April 21, 2006

Limited Edition Prints!

Woo hoo - finally got all of this worked out and my limited edition, signed and numbered prints are ready for ordering. These editions feature 100 prints in each.

"Powder Puff", Salmon Crested Cockatoo

Artist Signed, Limited Edition (100) Museum Quality Print, Size 11"x16"
• Ultra-premium, moisture resistant watercolor paper
• Textured, with a matte finish
• Imprinted with UV-resistant archival inks (100+ years of fade resistance when displayed indoors and protected from direct sunlight) to create vibrant, long-lasting art
• Signed by the artist and numbered (i.e. "1/100", "2/100", etc)
• $75.00 (includes shipping)

"Plum Headed Parakeet"

Artist Signed, Limited Edition (100) Museum Quality Print, Size 11"x16"
• Ultra-premium, moisture resistant watercolor paper
• Textured, with a matte finish
• Imprinted with UV-resistant archival inks (100+ years of fade resistance when displayed indoors and protected from direct sunlight) to create vibrant, long-lasting art
• Signed by the artist and numbered (i.e. "1/100", "2/100", etc)
• $75.00 (includes shipping)

"Blue & Gold Macaw"

Artist Signed, Limited Edition (100) Museum Quality Print, Size 22"x15"
• Ultra-premium, moisture resistant watercolor paper
• Textured, with a matte finish
• Imprinted with UV-resistant archival inks (100+ years of fade resistance when displayed indoors and protected from direct sunlight) to create vibrant, long-lasting art
• Signed by the artist and numbered (i.e. "1/100", "2/100", etc)
• $90.00 (includes shipping)

Unsigned, open edition fine art prints (plain or framed and matted), greeting cards, and stamps featuring this artwork can be ordered here via my publisher.

To see larger photos of the artwork, please visit my gallery.


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I bought another domain....

......yep, like I really needed it. LOL Here's how I rationalized it. I have a site with my original art and jewelry, and the domain is - not the easiest to remember for people as far as spelling, etc. Invariably, most people spell "Michele" with two L's - and I can't even begin to detail out how many ways "Janine" has been spelled. (thanks mom for this name.....LOL!) Anyway, for years I have been going by my nickname "Jai", so I decided to get an easy to remember domain using "Jai" in the name. I selected and this site goes directly to my publisher's site where my fine art prints and cards can be found. I've been meaning to take care of that little detail for a while now - and I'm glad I finally went ahead and bought it...I think it will make my store much easier to find for others, as well as easy to remember.


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cockatoo art prints, cards, mugs are here!

It is SO COOL to have my art made into prints, cards, mugs and STAMPS! Stamps have to be approved before they go live, but all of the products you see here can be ordered now from my publisher site. The cards are customizable - blank inside - so you can put your own personal greeting.


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Blue & Gold Macaw - Parrot Original Painting (click here!)

Finally! After 3 days of craziness I was able to get back down to work and complete this beauty. I hope you like him! He is on Ebay for one week only. Click here to bid now!

Or you can snatch him up from my site here.

Fine art prints (plain or framed and matted) featuring this artwork can be ordered here through my publisher.


Monday, April 17, 2006

Update: What's on the workbench...

After a totally wack-o weekend which I'm sure had to do with the stress for me of being out in the crowds trying to do errands on Friday (and my negative energy associated with that!), as well as a full moon (thank GOD that's gone by), I'm finally getting back to work after half the day is done today. I spent the first half in a power struggle with my 10 yo son who doesn't seem to want to do his schoolwork. So we've changed the rules a bit....and maybe this time he'll get it.....sigh.

Anyway, I digress....I'm continuing on with bird paintings as that's what I'm focused on now, despite the fact I have tons of wildlife and horse paintings I also would like to do. This week on the workbench for sure is a small blue and gold Macaw portrait, a yellow collared macaw portrait, and a Catalina macaw larger size piece I'm working on titled "The Manicure". Hopefully all of these will turn out decent so I can put them up!

My Salmon Crested Cockatoo in a previous post is on Ebay and has a bid, so if you'd like to pick that one up for your collection, you'll have to go there and bid before the auction ends in just a few days. I just knew that piece would find a good home quickly, as it is one of my best yet - though my friend Paula would probably argue with me, as she likes the Plum Headed Parakeet portrait the best. :)

Well back to work before I lose my steam. Here's hoping for a good week for everyone!


Saturday, April 15, 2006

Plum Headed Parakeet Original Bird Art (click here!)

I just finished the portrait of this beautiful little bird today - this is a plum headed Parakeet, and he will add a splash of brilliant color to any surroundings. He was such fun to do, and I enjoyed working with the wide range of color it took to complete this piece of art. I've put him on Ebay - click here to bid!


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Salmon Crested Cockatoo Original Bird Painting (click here to bid now!)

All I can say, is what a difference music makes. Yanni. It's been so long since I've listened to you. And take a look at the painting I've created today while listening to this wonderful piano music! They say classical makes you smarter - well guess what? It also makes your painting skills better. I've truly impressed myself with this piece. Sigh. Although I don't really want to sell it, I have it listed on Ebay. Click here to bid.
You've got one week.

I've named the painting "Powder Puff" as these type of birds look like powder puffs to me (gee, how ingenuius is that? LOL) Since I'm on a roll and the Yanni CD is still playing, I believe I'll go work on that plum headed parakeet I've been longing to do!

Oh, and I've uploaded Powder Puff to Zazzle. If you can't afford the small bid price on Ebay, maybe you might want to purchase a print. Or go all out and get a print from them and have it matted and might look like this when you finish:

Thanks - as always - for stopping in!


Sulphur Crested Cockatoo Original Painting (click here to bid now!)

I've just finished this jewel-toned painting of a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and lucky you if you're reading have a chance if you're quick to bid on him on Ebay this week!

I had such fun with this piece, creating the jewel-like colors to his white feathers. I love his eye and how his expression turned out - click on the photo to see a larger version "up close and personal". This painting I am offering unmatted and unframed. Because of his coloring, I think he will look great mounted on top of a variety of mat board colors - but I figured by offering him unmatted, the buyer could choose the colors right for their home decor.

Although the scan doesn't show it well, this painting DOES have the deckled edges and it will look fabulous mounted ON TOP OF mat board under glass, which gives the artwork a floating effect and I really like using this style in the works I create.

Today I'll be working on another cockatoo painting. I'm still feeling the challenge of painting white feathers, so I figure I'll work in that area for a while!


Monday, April 10, 2006

Both Paintings shown together

Here's an example of what the parrot paintings look like hanging over a sofa. They certainly add color to a room!


"The Kiss" Parrots painting

Here's a quick photo of "The Kiss", my second parrot painting. This painting features a Greenwing Macaw and a Military Macaw as the subjects and as they sit on their branch, they are getting a little "smooching" in! :) This is the compliment painting to "The Discussion", shown in my previous post.

This painting will be mounted on navy blue mat and framed in a gold 16x20 wood frame, just as the other painting. Both of these will be available tomorrow at the Dickson Gallery of Fine Art in Jackson, TN, so if you'd like to see them in person (trust me - they look much better in person than in my photos!), plan a trip down to the gallery this week!

I'll be working on bird paintings for the next month, doing a variety of breed face portraits in preparation for a bird fair I'll be attending with my portfolio in Memphis next month.


P.S. (5:59pm CST) Here's photos of the framed painting and the painting alone on it's mat:

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The completed Parrot Painting "The Discussion"

I have completed this painting today, including mounting on the mat and framing. Here are a couple of really sorry photos...LOL...I'm not used to photographing art. The first photo of the painting on the mat was taken outside and it looks too light to me, in comparison to the genuine article. The painting is much more vivid and brilliant in color in person, in indoor lighting.

Below is a photo of the framed painting. The mat is navy blue and the frame is gold wood.

Now it's time to start work on painting #2, called "The Kiss", which features two parrots as well.

As I said, both of these will be available on Tuesday at the Dickson Gallery of Fine Art in Jackson.


Parrot Painting in Progress, Post #2

Now the second bird is coming to life - she has a face and color. The bird on the left is complete, except for some additional highlighting which I don't do until the very end. To see the first post showing "The Discussion" in progress, click here.


The Discussion...Parrot Painting in Progress

I just discovered the point when my art thrills me the most - when a living creature begins to come to life.

As you can see by my painting in progress (click on it to see a larger photo), the Greenwing Macaw on the right is still basically "faceless", other than some faint outlining. The Blue and Gold Macaw on the left was the same way until just a few moments ago. I couldn't stand it anymore, so I decided to begin work on his face. Suddenly, he is coming to life right before my eyes! And THAT is when I felt the adrenaline rush I get from doing this work.

To me, there is nothing more satisfying than bringing a living creature to life on paper. It's almost like a birth. Every day, I am blessed to birth living beings into the world in artistic format. Wow. It's mind-boggling. It's exciting. It's very, very powerful. Wow wow wow.

This painting is titled "The Discussion", and after completion, it will be framed and available at the Dickson Gallery of Fine Art in Jackson. It will probably be a 16x20 when matted and framed. I'm not totally sure on that yet, but I'm guessing that's what I'll go with as far as size.


Friday, April 07, 2006

Tree Frog Painting (click here!)

I've titled this original painting "My Little Friend". These delightful little tree frogs cling to my studio window in the summer and I just adore them! They are so cute!

This painting is smaller - it fits in the 3" x 2" opening of this 5x7" mat nicely. He's on Ebay right now - one week only - click here to bid on him!

I've had a busy couple of days. And my back is out again. So it was a struggle to complete this piece, but I finally managed to wrap him up.

I have some good news - yesterday I was working at the gallery and one artist came in to finish removing some pieces he had there - which meant there is a space open in the gallery. Guess who has that space reserved? ME! Yippee! My paintings will soon be at the gallery (in addition to my jewelry). I'm working on 2 larger parrot/macaw paintings and if all goes well, those will be the first two I place in my spot. I have to finish them over the next couple of days and then frame them. This is so exciting! I do a lot of birds, cats, horses, dogs and wildlife paintings, and I think my pieces will be a good addition to the subject matter already at the gallery.

Now I have to run again - I have a package to ship out and have to go do my errands and get back here and get to work on these paintings. More later.....


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Red Fox Painting (click here)

Today I completed this red fox painting. I am really beginning to like these watercolor pencils! Years ago, I created several color pencil paintings - and oh my gosh how my hands hurt from the blending! The watercolor pencils make blending colors so much easier, and I like the combo appearance of the fluidity of watercolor along with the detail of the pencil. This one is matted on navy blue, as "Asleep At the Reins" (in a previous post) now is as well. "Asleep..." is framed in copper and this one might be as well, depending on if it sells before I frame it or not. :)

Comments welcome or show your admiration for this original art by placing a bid on it on Ebay. Thank you!


Monday, April 03, 2006

White Squirrels!

I've heard from my neighbors here in Jackson, there have been white squirrels in the area before, but that they've been gone for quite some time. Well, they're back! My daughter spotted this one across the street and I snuck up and got a couple of photos.

In this other pair of photos, you can barely see the white squirrel in the tree by his nest - it's a baby one! So we have two that I know of - the adult one and this baby who came out of the nest just long enough for me to get a photo and then he/she ran back into the nest.

How cool!


Cat show, Go Kart Racing, Tornados and a New Baby Horse Born

What a night.....tornados ripped through our area and there are 23 fatalities I've heard about so far, as well as 2 surrounding counties which are damage-laden. (for more info, visit The Jackson Sun website) In this group of photos, you'll see a photo of the setting sun and sky before this bad weather moved in.

There are also photos from the cat show I attended yesterday of some special kitties, a photo of my son in his go-kart, and the newest addition to the family at the stables...a sweet little filly born April 2 about 4 am.

P.S. Is it just me, or does it seem strange the last 3 major tornados we have had with destruction have hit on a Sunday? What's up with that? Just seems weird to me.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Asleep At The Reins...Equine Horse Painting by Jai

Now here's something you all haven't seen from me in a while....a completed painting. A purchase of watercolor pencils recently renewed my interest in painting again. I decided to start with a small piece - this is a 5.25" x 8" painting and has yet to be framed. Titled "Asleep At The Reins", the painting is based on a photograph by my friend Patrick Jacks of Vivid Memories Photography in Jackson, TN.

The medium is watercolor pencil on watercolor paper with deckled edges. I have yet to frame it, and I'm not quite sure if I'm completely finished tweaking it yet. I'm off to Memphis today to a cat show and to take my son go-karting, as well as to have a photography outing for myself. I'll look at the painting again after I return and see if it needs anything else, and sign it then. I just wanted to share it here so you guys can all see I can still paint! :)

Comments on this painting are welcomed!


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Vibrant Magnolia ~ New Art Jewel (click here to see more)

I've added a new category to Coloresque.Com called "Petites". Petites are my miniature original art in polymer, and each artistic creation is based on a background featuring a standard Coloresque pattern with gold leaf embedded. In this area of the site, I'll be adding more subjects as time goes on. This particular piece is titled "Vibrant Magnolia" and is a stick pin. It's even more striking in person than in the photos!