Sunday, April 02, 2006

Asleep At The Reins...Equine Horse Painting by Jai

Now here's something you all haven't seen from me in a while....a completed painting. A purchase of watercolor pencils recently renewed my interest in painting again. I decided to start with a small piece - this is a 5.25" x 8" painting and has yet to be framed. Titled "Asleep At The Reins", the painting is based on a photograph by my friend Patrick Jacks of Vivid Memories Photography in Jackson, TN.

The medium is watercolor pencil on watercolor paper with deckled edges. I have yet to frame it, and I'm not quite sure if I'm completely finished tweaking it yet. I'm off to Memphis today to a cat show and to take my son go-karting, as well as to have a photography outing for myself. I'll look at the painting again after I return and see if it needs anything else, and sign it then. I just wanted to share it here so you guys can all see I can still paint! :)

Comments on this painting are welcomed!


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