Friday, April 07, 2006

Tree Frog Painting (click here!)

I've titled this original painting "My Little Friend". These delightful little tree frogs cling to my studio window in the summer and I just adore them! They are so cute!

This painting is smaller - it fits in the 3" x 2" opening of this 5x7" mat nicely. He's on Ebay right now - one week only - click here to bid on him!

I've had a busy couple of days. And my back is out again. So it was a struggle to complete this piece, but I finally managed to wrap him up.

I have some good news - yesterday I was working at the gallery and one artist came in to finish removing some pieces he had there - which meant there is a space open in the gallery. Guess who has that space reserved? ME! Yippee! My paintings will soon be at the gallery (in addition to my jewelry). I'm working on 2 larger parrot/macaw paintings and if all goes well, those will be the first two I place in my spot. I have to finish them over the next couple of days and then frame them. This is so exciting! I do a lot of birds, cats, horses, dogs and wildlife paintings, and I think my pieces will be a good addition to the subject matter already at the gallery.

Now I have to run again - I have a package to ship out and have to go do my errands and get back here and get to work on these paintings. More later.....


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