Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Red Fox Painting (click here)

Today I completed this red fox painting. I am really beginning to like these watercolor pencils! Years ago, I created several color pencil paintings - and oh my gosh how my hands hurt from the blending! The watercolor pencils make blending colors so much easier, and I like the combo appearance of the fluidity of watercolor along with the detail of the pencil. This one is matted on navy blue, as "Asleep At the Reins" (in a previous post) now is as well. "Asleep..." is framed in copper and this one might be as well, depending on if it sells before I frame it or not. :)

Comments welcome or show your admiration for this original art by placing a bid on it on Ebay. Thank you!



Lynne said...

Jai, that is a beautiful painting!


Jai said...

Thanks Lynnemarie!