Sunday, April 30, 2006

Busy week.....tiger painting almost complete!

Wow - I have been swamped this week and have gotten so little painting time in. Starting right now, my painting is becoming first priority this week. I'm still working on finishing my large tiger painting. It's ALMOST complete and should be finished by mid-day today. Yesterday I went and purchased the frame and the glass - the original of this painting will be going to the Dickson Gallery here in Jackson.

At the gallery we had the opening reception for Janice Sumler on Friday night. It was wonderful! I met a lot of nice people and of course I adore Janice's work - she is one of my all-time favorite artists from West TN. I feel honored to even have my work in the same gallery as her! Anyway, it was great fun.

Yesterday was my daughter's first horse show of the season. She won 3 second places and a 3rd place. Not bad for the first show of the season! I took my camera to get some good horse photos for my equine series of paintings I'll be doing over the next several months. And I captured a funny one which I will leave you with here as I get back to my tiger. This is of the colt at the stables - I guess he is 3-4 weeks old now. This photo is a reminder to ENJOY LIFE and LAUGH A LOT! :)


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