Saturday, April 08, 2006

The completed Parrot Painting "The Discussion"

I have completed this painting today, including mounting on the mat and framing. Here are a couple of really sorry photos...LOL...I'm not used to photographing art. The first photo of the painting on the mat was taken outside and it looks too light to me, in comparison to the genuine article. The painting is much more vivid and brilliant in color in person, in indoor lighting.

Below is a photo of the framed painting. The mat is navy blue and the frame is gold wood.

Now it's time to start work on painting #2, called "The Kiss", which features two parrots as well.

As I said, both of these will be available on Tuesday at the Dickson Gallery of Fine Art in Jackson.



Paula said...

I am LOVIN' the colors here. You manage to capture the fun of having birds, especially Parrots and you are superb at getting vibrant colors to boot.


Jai said...

Thanks girl! Maybe you'll let me design your first book cover for ya...I'd love to do one of those sexy romantic book covers! :)

Javier Marti said...

Hi Jai. I didn't know you paint too!
Nice parrots (you know I love colour!), but your frog is one of my favourites.

I also added a few artworks to my collection in the last 2 months. (some in the blog)

I live in Bristol, UK, now, and they told me I should sell them. Should I?
You have more experience on this. Any recommendation or website I should see on commercialising artwork?

Best regards!

Jai said...

Hi Javier - thanks for your comment! Yes, I've been drawing and painting steadily since I was 5 years old (over 35 years!). You should do something to try to sell your art - it is wonderful! I can see large company's using your art in advertising - there should be some good rewards from that. Go for it!

Thanks again for your comment on my work,