Monday, April 17, 2006

Update: What's on the workbench...

After a totally wack-o weekend which I'm sure had to do with the stress for me of being out in the crowds trying to do errands on Friday (and my negative energy associated with that!), as well as a full moon (thank GOD that's gone by), I'm finally getting back to work after half the day is done today. I spent the first half in a power struggle with my 10 yo son who doesn't seem to want to do his schoolwork. So we've changed the rules a bit....and maybe this time he'll get it.....sigh.

Anyway, I digress....I'm continuing on with bird paintings as that's what I'm focused on now, despite the fact I have tons of wildlife and horse paintings I also would like to do. This week on the workbench for sure is a small blue and gold Macaw portrait, a yellow collared macaw portrait, and a Catalina macaw larger size piece I'm working on titled "The Manicure". Hopefully all of these will turn out decent so I can put them up!

My Salmon Crested Cockatoo in a previous post is on Ebay and has a bid, so if you'd like to pick that one up for your collection, you'll have to go there and bid before the auction ends in just a few days. I just knew that piece would find a good home quickly, as it is one of my best yet - though my friend Paula would probably argue with me, as she likes the Plum Headed Parakeet portrait the best. :)

Well back to work before I lose my steam. Here's hoping for a good week for everyone!


1 comment:

Paula said...

Actually, I put a hex on the Sam, the Plum Parakeet. Anyone else that buys that booger before I do will have 12 more children, their husband will live to be 120, their eyebrows will grow 6 inches and another Clinton will be in the White House.

Ahhhhh, the power of Redneck Hexes.

Congrats to the winning bidder of the lovely Salmon Crested Cockatoo. Great choice!