Monday, April 24, 2006

The daily update

Well I feel lost if I don't post *something* at least once a day! Does that mean I'm addicted to blogging? LOL

Today I'm working on the 5th bird in my series, a Catalina Macaw. It's about 1/2 complete so far - now I'm getting to the point of some serious shading and fine detailing. I can't wait to get him complete, as he is the final bird which is going to be part of my "Birds of a Feather I" notecard set. I've got the set, the packaging, order forms, and everything all complete with the exception of this one painting.

Today I received in my first high quality print of the Salmon Crested Cockatoo and it is FABULOUS! I love the paper it's on, and in comparing this print with the basic prints, it's definitely finer in detail and coloring. This one is going to hang in my husband's office at work and hopefully I'll get some new business from it being there.

I also got my new business cards in - they have a photo of the Blue & Gold Macaw painting reversed on the card and they are simple and striking and I love them too! Now when someone asks about what kind of art I do, I can hand them a card. Basically I can do ANY kind of painting, but I prefer pets, birds and wildlife and the card makes that clear.

Speaking of the Blue & Gold, he ends on Ebay very soon. I can't believe there are no bids yet, especially at such a low price! *BUT* only 19 people have looked at him according to my counter. Ebay traffic seems to have really decreased. Or maybe it was only increased before because I spent so much time talking on various mailing lists and I had a lot of lookers as a result. I went no mail on all of the lists recently in order to complete a good body of paintings.

As for my notecards, I've got some big plans for several different series of cards, all based on my original paintings of course. :) Since I've always loved greeting cards and have had several published in years past, I feel it's only fitting to take my business this direction. These are plain cards on the inside, though, for people to write their own sentiments rather than me writing the verses like I used to.

Well, guess I'd better get back to the studio....that bird is calling me telling me his feathers are dry! Time for another layer of color! :)


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