Thursday, December 27, 2007

Flowers & Hearts!

I guess I'm getting in the mood for Valentine's Day already...I'm thinking flowers and hearts! But I'm also thinking simple and sweet as I warm up to create the bolder designs for my online trunk show on Feb 1. (Don't worry - I might put a few simple designs in the show, too. :0))

So here we have a copper and ruby crystal pendant titled Bloom, and below is a very intricate heart design - also with ruby crystals - titled The Queen's Heart. You can read more about each and acquire them at Don't forget to register for the trunk show while you're there - it's invitation only and you have to register to receive your invite!


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

BRACELET: Tidepool, Turquoise, Pearls, Copper & Brass

Fresh from the studio is this bracelet I've titled Tidepool, due to the beautiful ocean blue and green colors in the focal turquoise bead. I used mixed metal on this bracelet, mixing brass and copper. I added freshwater pearls for accent around the focal piece and on each side, and I've used two different weaving styles to give the bracelet depth and uniqueness. It's a bangle just slips over the hand and it makes an impressive statement on the wrist.

Read more about this bracelet or acquire it for yourself at


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pendant: Garden of Peace, Peace Stone Jasper & Copper

I knew as soon as I saw this beautiful Peace Stone Jasper square bead, I had to incorporate it into a design. I love the colors in peace stone...the sage green is very soothing, especially when offset with the soft white and tiny dashes of lavender.

I used copper wire for this pendant, and added some vintate aurora borealis crystals for a bit of glitzy accent. At the top of the design, I incorporated a gold ladybug bead - I mean, after all, every garden needs a ladybug! :)

You know, back when I first started making wire jewelry (about 10 years ago), I learned a lot of the basic skills from Preston Reuther. What interested me most about Preston was his personal story of how he began making wire jewelry. He was suffering a bout of depression and some other things and was hospitalized. During his stay, he began making earrings out of paper clips...manipulating the wire was soothing to him.

This year - 2007 - has not been a good year for me at all. I've had a lot to deal with, and have somehow managed to skate through some delicate situations in my life. Earlier this year, I became very depressed, and that depression lasted until August. Up until that time, I thought I knew what being "depressed" meant. I have to admit, I had no clue. When it hit me this year, that is when I learned what being seriously depressed really meant.

Through it all, I remembered Preston's story, and I would continuously play with wire in my studio. There is something soothing and calming about sitting there for hours manipulating wire. There's something about taking one bead and creating an intricate frame around it, that's very uplifting by the time it's finished. It gives you HOPE. It shows you are capable of doing something good - capable of getting something right - capable of having some control in a world that seems as if it's spinning out of control.

What got me out of my depression in August was a miracle. I'd had enough, and I couldn't take anymore. I went to God in serious prayer and instead of continuously trying to handle it myself, I asked Him to lift it from me. He did. Once I did that, within 30 minutes the depression began to lift. A week later, I couldn't believe how good I felt. FINALLY....finally I was FREE OF IT.

Unfortunately, there's always a danger of it coming back. It's so easy when the next obstacle comes along to fall prey to it, and slip back into the darkness. But I keep praying. And I keep creating. If Im not working on a painting, I'm working on a piece of jewelry. There I can lose myself in the process, and let the bad feelings pass.

Lately I've spent most of my time working on jewelry, specifically woven wire jewelry. I think for the first time since I'd read Preston's story many years ago, I "get it". I get what he talked about, and what it was about the jewelry making that helped him. With every twist of the wire, I'm praying, and I find myself inspired. With every completed section, I am instilled with hope. Every time I try on a completed jewel, I am filled with confidence. And as I look at my creations all together, I see my life before my eyes. I see the broken threads of what I've experienced, woven together into a single whole - a whole that is a part of me. I see the good parts of my life remaining in the beautiful jewel, while the trials and tribulations, and darkness and despair, have slipped through the wires, disappearing, leaving my life.

When I look at the final creation, I see answered prayers and a world in which I can smile again.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Jewels, jewels and more jewels!

I've spent my week gaining my strength back and along with it has come a burst of energy for making new jewels! All of the designer selections featured here today can be purchased at - be sure to register for my private, online trunk show, coming on February 1st, just in time for Valentine's Day!

A quick rundown of these new works of art:

Heartfelt, woven brass heart necklace featuring amethyst crystals

Serenity, woven brass earrings with an Egyptian flair featuring amethyst crystals

Sunburst, silver and woven brass with genuine lemon jade earrings

Steadfast Harmony, an incredible designer SNAIL ring featuring Carnelian and freshwater pearls


Winter Bloom, another jewel with an industrial flair, featuring a faux carved red cinnabar floral bead topped with freshwater pearls. Comes with a 24" black necklace cord with magnetic clasp.

Remember, go to to acquire any of these one of a kind jewels and to register for the trunk show!


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

News from Jai

Hi all - Last week was way too hectic and I'm still recovering. Not only did I complete and release the new and expanded version of my book Marketing Miracle Phrases, but I also had a very sick dog and didn't get any sleep for 3 nights. Talk about exhaustion! The dog seems to be feeling better, the new print version of my book is - THANK GOD - starting to sell (of course now I have a ton of vet bills to pay and may not be done yet...sigh), and I finally got a full night's sleep. It's funny how you don't realize something is so important - like sleeping - until it's taken away!

I'm just now regaining enough energy to get back to work on some jewelry. After all, I have a show to prepare for! Don't forget to visit to register to receive your invitation. This is a private, invitation only show for those who register. (See details on the website.)

Hope you all have had a better week than me!


P.S. Thanks to those of you who wrote me with your concerns about Max. He is doing much better, but I have to keep a close eye on him to make sure it stays that way.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Online, Invitation Only Jewelry Trunk Show

Online Trunk Show Opens February 1, 2008.

At your next event, you could be wearing the same jewelry as the person across the room, or you can radiate with originality and uniqueness - it's your choice. AWovenWoman.Com is hosting an online, invitation only trunk show featuring original jewelry by designer Jai Johnson. Richly sumptuous, utterly feminine, and magnificently modern one of a kind jewelry will be unveiled. This private showing will feature 12-24 exclusive, hand-woven jewelry selections appealing to those who prefer the natural look of gemstones as well as those who adore the glamorous allure of sparkling crystal. Show attendees will be provided with a private link to view and purchase the designer's choice selections. This is your chance to experience unlimited luxury for a limited time - the trunk show jewelry will only be available to attendees from February 1 through February 14, and selections are offered on a first come, first serve basis. Any jewelry which may remain unsold will be released to the public after February 14. To attend this private show, please click below to send an email requesting your invitation.

Join the AWovenWoman.Com Announcement List


In addition to preparing for this show, I am also working a revised and print edition of my book 777 Marketing Miracle Phrases, the ebook I've been selling for five years now. The print book will feature even MORE fabulous marketing phrases as well as some additional, surprise bonus selections. It's scheduled for release on January 1, 2008, and which time the Ebook will no longer be offered. Sometime in January I'll be doing a radio show with Rachel Dickson where we'll talk about the new book, too. So yeah, I'm going to be very busy over the next few months!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Are you a Woven Woman?

Just made available today on
According to ancient folklore, a ladybug weaves an invisible, unbreakable thread around those who are destined to be connected to one another in humanity. The woman, like the ladybug, is a master weaver. A woman takes the delicate threads of her life and weaves them into a colorful, connected whole which is strong and beautiful. A woman is a magical weaver of experiences, relationships, community, and life, creating an existence full of warmth, comfort, and celebration. Celebrate your woven woman accomplishments every time you carry this bag and show the world the magic of you! (Add your name to the bag when ordering to personalize it!)
This bag is a unique fashion accessory and a great tote for crafters, jewelry designers, artists and more! Customized 100% cotton canvas color accent tote. Colored highlights on top and base. Zipper closure. Well constructed with double-stitched seams. Three colors available. Machine washable. 19"x15"x5.5"

You can acquire your very own A Woven Woman Canvas Bag today for $33.85 Click here to enter the Zazzle store and customize your bag with your name in all kinds of elegant, cool, and fun font selections! (purchase will be completed through Zazzle.Com for this item)
Have fun, and check out the candy font when adding your name to the bag - it's SO COOL!
InJoy, Jai

PENDANT: Ocean Whisper, Turquoise Jasper & Pearls

You'll keep the wonder and beauty of the sea intimately alive wherever you go when you wear Ocean Whisper, a one of a kind woven pendant featuring a rich turquoise dyed jasper oval stone as the focal point. This beautiful stone is nestled in sculptured brass wire with genuine freshwater pearls as accents. The large bail will accommodate a variety of jewelry chains, cord, or ribbon. Measuring in at 2 1/4" long x 1 1/2" wide, this is an impressive piece of jewelry, destined to become a family heirloom.
You can acquire this jewel today for $95

Visit to see more photos of this pendant.

Friday, December 07, 2007

RING & EARRINGS: Amethyst, Woven Butterfly Ring

One of the sweetest things I've ever experienced is a beautiful butterfly lighting on my finger, and leaving behind a gentle kiss. This ring, Butterfly Kiss, was designed to be a constant reminder of one of nature's rare and special moments. Hand-woven in copper, and adorned with genuine amethyst gemstone beads, an amethyst crystal teardrop bead, a rhinestone rondelle, and gold plated spacer beads, this one of a kind ring is definitely a showpiece! Definitely NOT for the faint of heart, this beauty not only encompasses ONE finger...but the wings cover the top of the finger it resides next to. The band is 1/4" wide, and the butterfly on top measures a very impressive 1 3/4" all the way around. The ring is a size 6, is priced at $95, and it can belong to one lucky person today, simply by EMAILING ME to secure your purchase. Click on the photos to see larger versions.

Also featured here today is a complimentary pair of earrings. Natural meets glamour in Rapture, featuring a luscious shade of purple. Created in the same fashion by the hand-weaving of the copper wire, each drop pierced earring features a genuine amethyst gemstone, a rhinestone rondelle for added glitz, and two gold plated spacer beads. The earrings are on gold plated french ear-wires and create a delightful chandelier effect when worn. They measure 2 1/2" long from the top of the french ear wire. These also can be yours today, for $40. All you have to do is EMAIL ME to secure this jewel. Shipping is included in all pricing on my website here.


Thursday, December 06, 2007

RING: Sunset Adventure, Woven Ring, Size 7.5


There will never be a dreary day when you are wearing "Sunset Adventure"! Gently caged inside the hand-woven brass wire frame is a glowing glass Harlequin Pink Vintage simulated Fire Opal from the 1950's. This one of a kind ring is size 7.5. The band measures 1/4" wide and the glorious design on top measures 1 1/8" x 1" in size. A unique, special ring, I can assure you it is a showstopper!


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

PENDANT: Panthera Queen, Amethyst,Copper & Rhinestones

The Panthera Queen pendant features amethyst crystal beads, a genuine amethyst gemstone bead, and rhinestone rondelles for added sparkle. All hand-woven in copper wire, this elegant
and unique pendant is ready to hang on a favorite chain, neckwire or jewelry cord. Panthera Queen measures 1 1/8" wide x 3 1/8" long, and is priced at $70. For an extra $10, I will custom make you a black jewelry cord with magnetic clasp in the length of your choice, if you desire. Please EMAIL ME to acquire this designer pendant.

InJoy, Jai

P.S. Click on the photos to see a larger version - email me if you need to see additional photos.

RING: Camellia Evergreen, Woven Ring, Size 7

Today I'm featuring "Camellia Evergreen". This ladies ring is a woven freeform design and makes quite a statement! Elegantly woven brass wire cradles a moss jasper coin bead, accented by blackstone beads and genuine freshwater pearls. This ring is a size 7. The woven band measures 1/4" wide and the freeform design on the top of the ring measures an impressive 1 1/4" x 1 1/2" in size. This one of a kind, unique ring is priced at $65. (includes shipping!) Please EMAIL ME to acquire this ring! Click on the photo to see a larger version, or email me for individual shots of the different angles of the ring.



Tuesday, December 04, 2007

2 Necklaces for the LION LOVERS...or those born in AUGUST, the LEO

Today I'm featuring a couple of my jewels for the LEO's or the LION LOVERS out there. Both of these are woven masterpieces, truly one of a kind collectible jewels.

Remember, prices quote INCLUDE FREE SHIPPING and these are first-come first-served, as they are one of a kind and cannot be repeated. EMAIL ME to secure your selection.

The first necklace featured here is "Queen's Garden". I made this incredible necklace a few years ago. It features a big and chunky, han-sculpted polymer clay LION focal bead. This focal bead measures 2" in size. The necklace "chain" or "collar", is hand-woven with a variety of vintage beads, both glass and plastics, in a variety of colors and it measures 18" long with the chunky bead width being 2" wide. It's a colorful necklace, heavy, choker style - the pendant should rest right under the base of the throat. I've fashioned a fish hook clasp on the back of the neck wire to fasten. Definitely a STATEMENT MAKER - just like us "leos" like to do! The focal pendant is signed JAI with my official signature stamp on the back. The normal price for this necklace is $345. One lucky visitor here can acquire this true one of a kind jewel TODAY for only $150 (that includes shipping!). View a close up of "Queen's Garden" here.

The next necklace shown is titled "His Majesty". The perfect necklace to bring out the majestic, regal qualities in the wearer, "His Majesty" offers a cloisonne hand-fashioned polymer pendant of a lion profile (based on a photo of a real lion.) Genuine gold leaf floats throughout the design, and a tiny gold lion pawprint adorns the rich, cobalt blue background. The setting features a brass wire frame, and the pendant hangs from a hand-chained necklace, featuring rare vintage lampwork swirl beads in matching colors, fancy vintage champagne cut crystals, and glass based ivory faux pearls. Pendant is signed Jai with my official stamp on the back. The Pendant measures 2 1/2" x 2" and the necklace length is 17". Original price for this one of a kind collectible is $225...get it here now for only $100! View a closeup photo of "His Majesty" here.

Remember, prices quote INCLUDE FREE SHIPPING and these are first-come first-served, as they are one of a kind and cannot be repeated. EMAIL ME to secure your selection. Remember, if in doubt about me as a SELLER, please feel free to review my Ebay feeback.

InJoy, Jai

Sunday, December 02, 2007

DECEMBER Rings, for those born this month 12/2/07

Blue topaz is the color crystal for those born in December, and turquoise is a gemstone for those this month. I've created two rings for this month, pictured here.

To acquire either of these rings EMAIL ME.

The first ring is total glitz for the holiday season! It features three Swarovski blue topaz crystal beads, offset with rhinestone rondelles and woven with six genuine freshwater pearls. Formed with brass wire, this one of a kind ladies ring is a size 7 and it is priced at $40. In the Middle Ages, blue topaz, the crystal color for those born in December, was thought to heal both physical and mental illnesses and prevent death.

The second ring shown has a natural look, and features a turquoise bead with a fascinating pattern showing. Formed with copper wire, this ladies ring is a size 8 and it is priced at $20. Turquoise, a stone also for those born in December, attracts money, success, and love. It gives protection, healing, courage, friendship, and luck. And best of all, it eases the mind and mental tension.

Have you noticed our new name? A Woven Woman ( was selected not only because of the type of work, but because of the womans similarity to the ever-popular ladybug. You can read about the comparison in the sidebar to the left. I designed the ladybug diva logo specifically to represent the company. The ladybug diva logo is now available on products as well --> see them on the left sidebar too! And keep watching, as I'm designing a compilation of other patterned diva artwork! Soon you'll be asking the question, What kind of diva are you? :)

To acquire either of these rings EMAIL ME. Or if you want to see more photos, feel free to email me and ask - I will oblige!

InJoy, Jai