Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pendant: Garden of Peace, Peace Stone Jasper & Copper

I knew as soon as I saw this beautiful Peace Stone Jasper square bead, I had to incorporate it into a design. I love the colors in peace stone...the sage green is very soothing, especially when offset with the soft white and tiny dashes of lavender.

I used copper wire for this pendant, and added some vintate aurora borealis crystals for a bit of glitzy accent. At the top of the design, I incorporated a gold ladybug bead - I mean, after all, every garden needs a ladybug! :)

You know, back when I first started making wire jewelry (about 10 years ago), I learned a lot of the basic skills from Preston Reuther. What interested me most about Preston was his personal story of how he began making wire jewelry. He was suffering a bout of depression and some other things and was hospitalized. During his stay, he began making earrings out of paper clips...manipulating the wire was soothing to him.

This year - 2007 - has not been a good year for me at all. I've had a lot to deal with, and have somehow managed to skate through some delicate situations in my life. Earlier this year, I became very depressed, and that depression lasted until August. Up until that time, I thought I knew what being "depressed" meant. I have to admit, I had no clue. When it hit me this year, that is when I learned what being seriously depressed really meant.

Through it all, I remembered Preston's story, and I would continuously play with wire in my studio. There is something soothing and calming about sitting there for hours manipulating wire. There's something about taking one bead and creating an intricate frame around it, that's very uplifting by the time it's finished. It gives you HOPE. It shows you are capable of doing something good - capable of getting something right - capable of having some control in a world that seems as if it's spinning out of control.

What got me out of my depression in August was a miracle. I'd had enough, and I couldn't take anymore. I went to God in serious prayer and instead of continuously trying to handle it myself, I asked Him to lift it from me. He did. Once I did that, within 30 minutes the depression began to lift. A week later, I couldn't believe how good I felt. FINALLY....finally I was FREE OF IT.

Unfortunately, there's always a danger of it coming back. It's so easy when the next obstacle comes along to fall prey to it, and slip back into the darkness. But I keep praying. And I keep creating. If Im not working on a painting, I'm working on a piece of jewelry. There I can lose myself in the process, and let the bad feelings pass.

Lately I've spent most of my time working on jewelry, specifically woven wire jewelry. I think for the first time since I'd read Preston's story many years ago, I "get it". I get what he talked about, and what it was about the jewelry making that helped him. With every twist of the wire, I'm praying, and I find myself inspired. With every completed section, I am instilled with hope. Every time I try on a completed jewel, I am filled with confidence. And as I look at my creations all together, I see my life before my eyes. I see the broken threads of what I've experienced, woven together into a single whole - a whole that is a part of me. I see the good parts of my life remaining in the beautiful jewel, while the trials and tribulations, and darkness and despair, have slipped through the wires, disappearing, leaving my life.

When I look at the final creation, I see answered prayers and a world in which I can smile again.


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