Saturday, September 30, 2006

Taming the Ego, Sketch in Progress

Actually, I think I might be finished with the sketch. As you can see, this is a large painting (24x36). I worked on the sketch all day again yesterday and I think it's done. I'm going to go for a walk and do my exercises, and then get started on the painting stage. I thought you all might like some glimpses of the work as it stands now, so I'm sharing these work in progress photos (which kinda stink, but hey, I'm still half asleep! LOL)


Friday, September 29, 2006


I absolutely LOVE the beginning stages of a painting. The deciding on references, the layout of the painting, the tweaking of the design......I spend more time on all of those things than I do the actual painting sometimes! To me, it's's slow, gentle, playful and easy. It's the most fun part of the painting, methinks!

I'm still working on the drawing for "Taming the Ego". I'm glad I'm not rushing this one, as I think it will be a much better painting as a result of me taking my time, and loosening up with it....getting into the fantasy, if you will.

I'll be working on it all day today ~ then tonight I'll be going to the gallery for Mary Spellings watercolor show opening. I got a sneak peak yesterday at the art and it's FANTASTIC!

BTW, I've been wearing my prosperity pendant. Since I have, $433.33 of extra money - totally unexpected - has come into the family bank. :)


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Horses horses horses!

In case you haven't figured it out by now, I LOVE horses! The new large painting I'm working on has a pegasus horse in it (I hope I can do him justice - I'm still feeling very nervous about attempting a painting this size!). When I was transferring design-to-canvas I remembered my daughter took a photo of me with Freedom (a beautiful Thoroughbred gelding) recently, so I thought I'd share and you can see where I get some of my inspiration. It's not the best photo in the world and Freedom has a leg injury right now, so he wasn't feeling that hot at the time it was taken.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I had a nice lunch yesterday with Rachel after moving all the art back to the gallery. And we were talking about me making jewelry. Which got me to thinking about these coins.....

Two fair maidens were in the midst of deep struggles in their lives. Unsure of their future, they prayed for assistance from a higher power. Shortly thereafter, a mysterious gift was delivered. Gently unwrapping layers and layers of delicate paper, and untying yards and yards of ribbons took hours, but once deep inside, the maidens discovered something amazing! In the center was a collection of abandoned and forgotten coins, many of which are very, very old, as well as quite unique and beautiful. Deep within the middle of the coins was a note..."Using your creative skills, we ask you take these found treasures and turn them into something beautiful and inspiring for others."

And that, my friends, is what Kelly and I have done! A new addition to my website is the KelJai Art Jewelry Collection. Using the coins found in this wonderful gift box (which we feel was left by a true angel), we have created a selection of Prosperity Pendants, both small and large.

And tomorrow....yes tomorrow.....I will be working on my painting I mentioned a couple of days ago. But visitors to the gallery for this Friday's art opening will all have the pleasure of selecting a Prosperity Pendant for themselves and a loved one. :)


P.S. Now I know why I like PAINTING more than making JEWELRY - it's SAFER! My hands are raw, and black (don't ask!), my fingernails are all torn up, and I have this horrible blister on my middle finger......I've come to the conclusion all jewelry designers deserve a HUGE RAISE!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Working on my next painting

Today I'll be working on my next painting - and this one is making me a bit nervous because of the size. It's a 36x24 canvas, and it will be the largest watercolor on canvas I've done to date! The design is all complete, and now it's time to transfer it to the canvas and get started. The title is "Taming the Ego" and it's a painting which will stand on its own - i.e. it doesn't fit in the series of work I've been doing and doesn't need to since it is one to deliver a powerful message all on its own.

I'm really, really suprised the original ACEO of the Emerald Fairy didn't bring a bid on Ebay! I had it significantly lower priced than the price on the website, but oh well! The Amethyst Fairy ACEO is still on Ebay - maybe it will get some action. These are ADORABLE miniatures and even though I've only completed 2 in the series, I can see how this can shape up into a really neat series!

Well, off to get a little work done on the new piece. I also have to go help move artwork today, so I'll be gone part of the day doing that as well.


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Busy morning

Well I've had a busy morning I'm waiting on my fellow pack members to arrive, I've been working on a new webstore for the group. Now I'm getting ready to eat and then work on my painting until the crew strolls in!

This should be such a fun weekend - Girls coming in from both sides of the USA (thanks Dad for making that happen!!!!)! How fun it will be to see everyone! Unfortunately we are having TORNADO weather - UGH! But it isn't raining yet and maybe if it does rain, it won't last long (I *hate* driving long distances in the rain!).

And I got to thinking, with all the running around we'll be doing starting this afternoon, I'm doubtful I'll get too much painting done until Monday when they all leave, so, I guess I'd better get busy for the next 4 hours.

Heading to the studio,

Friday, September 22, 2006

PHEW! What a day and I'm not done yet!

Wow, I can't believe how much more energy I have lately! AMAZING! Anyway, I spent the morning moving art up to Premiere Place for the Vino and Van Gogh event tomorrow night. Unfortunately, I won't be there (but my art is!) because I *do* have company coming after all!

Got home, took a shower, and then got the new fairy up on the website. I've also placed a Limited Edition ACEO (pictured here) on Ebay, and I've placed a 5x7 matted print and an 8x10 mini print on Ebay as well. The original, of course, can be purchased from my site. Now that there are 4 fairys completed, it's GREAT to see how this series is shaping up! Someone just needs to buy the entire collection! They sure look terrific in my living room all together. :) all that work is done, it's onto other things. Time for a GREAT weekend. I've got to get to the store for sure. And thank goodness the kids have been helping more to keep the house clean! It's going to be a good bit of R&R, a couple little short trips out of town, and hopefully a couple of fun outdoor activities too. I'll also be working on my new painting, "Taming the Ego", because to me, painting IS R&R. :) So I'm off here again to get moving on the grocery stuff, and I plan to spend the entire evening listening to Yanni and working on this bigger piece.

Then on Monday I'll be helping Rachel to bring all the art back to the gallery. (THAT is REALLY GOOD exercise, btw!)

I'll pop in once each morning the next couple of days to check email and orders, so don't worry! I'll still be attending to the business end of things!


Take a peek at the Goldfinch Fairy!

Hi all! I did get the Goldfinch Fairy done last night after a long day out...and now I'm on the run again so I don't have her up on my website yet, but here's a quick look at one of the photos of her! She is the 4th in the Backyard Beauties Collection.

Hope you like her!


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Coffee Thoughts ~ Thursday

Good morning world! Having my coffee here and thinking about many upcoming things I have going on. Today is the day it's time to "turn on the engine", so to speak. :)

I'm ALMOST DONE with the Goldfinch Fairy in the Backyard Beauties Collection. After I finish this cup of coffee, I might be awake enough to go do a little more work on her - not sure if I can get her completed before it's time to do everything else though.

Yesterday I spent most of the morning designing a large painting. This one will be 24x36 and is called "Taming the Ego". It's one of those personal and meaningful pieces to me. I was working on different elements of the painting up until lunch and didn't get back to Ms. Goldfinch until later yesterday I'm running behind.

I did have company coming this weekend, but that's not worked out as of yet, and I'm not sure if it will. Regardless, I have a LOT of other things going on. Today I have to frame up 3 pieces to take to the gallery, then I have several errands to do (including find a way to pay that utility bill before they cut it off later today! EEK!) and then it's an afternoon with horses! Yippee! :) After that, it's back here to work. Then tomorrow I've volunteered myself to help Rachel move art from the gallery to Premiere Catering where there will be a big art show Sat. night. Monday I've volunteered to help bring it all back. Guess that will give me some more exercise for sure!

Next week is also very busy. My son's birthday is next Friday (the big *12*!) and I also have an art opening for the amazing watercolorist Mary Spellings to attend for a couple of hours that night. I can't wait for that, as I love her work, especially her horse paintings!

Somewhere on my desk here is my calendar...course, I can't find it, so I haven't written anything in all this stuff I have to get done is just stored in this ole brain. LOL! Oh well, my eyes might be getting worse, but I believe my memory is getting better. It's certainly getting a lot of exercise lately. haha!

Okay, off to work on the finch, then print three original certificates and get to framing work.


P.S. Did I mention I went and saw the Lipizzaners last Sunday?

Well I did and they were wonderful! Here's some photos taken by my daughter.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Amethyst Fairy ACEO

Today I finished the next ACEO in my Gemstone Fairies Collection of mini art. I am very pleased with how she turned out! She looks fantastic with the Emerald Fairy, too. These are so much fun! I've placed her on Ebay as well.

I'm also about 1/3 finished with the next painting in my Backyard Beauties Collection. It's the Goldfinch Fairy, and once she's complete, that will be a total of 4 finished paintings so far for the collection. I'm still thinking about going all the way to 12 with that body of work!


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Another blog

I've taken my old weight loss blog and turned it into a blog for personal issues and other stuff not related to my art. For those who want to follow it, bookmark this. I probably won't post there too much since I usually don't "get personal" except for with my art. But when things tend to outweigh my ability to create, then I will get personal - it's theraputic and maybe someone else can benefit from my personal struggles.


Vote for my Birth Journey pendant model please!

Me again! I have submitted a model to the spiritual design contest hosted by David at Ka-Gold-Jewelry.Com. Here's the page with the current submissions - please vote for my model titled "Birth Journey"! As many of you remember, Birth Journey was one of the most special paintings I completed this year. The original is not available, however, I do have fine art canvas prints of this artwork which can be purchased here. It is a touching tribute for any new mother and or mother-to-be.



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Spiritual Jewelry Design Contest

Hey girls and boys! All my jewelry designer friends take note of this.....I've been informed about a really cool contest.

Get Your Most Beloved Symbol in a 14K jewel!

Now this sounds really, really interesting, and I am actually thinking about entering (gee I needed something else to do.....hahaha!).

The contest ends November 1, so if you guys are interested, you'd better get on the stick and get something designed....that date will be here before you know it! It's pretty simple to enter - basically you sketch your design, scan or photo your sketch and submit it according to the instructions on the website. Then you wait to hear if your piece is the lucky winner!

There are already some pretty cool models up there for viewing/voting. The users vote in this contest.

Just thought I'd share this with you all. Now I'm thinking about a favorite symbol myself.....:)


Jewels & Accessories

I know I've been quiet lately. I've been soooo busy here the past few days! I have 2 paintings on the table, and I've gotten the bug to attempt to get my art into jewelry. (yes, AGAIN!) As many years as I've worked on this issue, you think I'd have the perfect answer by now. LOL!

Last time I tried this, I ended up painting in polymer clay and creating the miniature art jewels that way. Well, being I really don't want to repaint each of my art designs in polymer (plus the fact my eyes are getting worse, so little things are more difficult), I've been struggling once again to find an answer.

I've come up with one way to get my designs into the brooch/pendant settings I made. Those are still on the work table and are setting up. The only issue I have with those is I have to use a toxic material to get it done. They look good - like the art is suspended under water in the brass setting. Very cool. I still am not quiet totally thrilled with them, however, and I think it's because I feel something is missing....yet I don't know what. Since I can't really handle them yet and try the brooch/pendants on and see how they look, I just don't know.

I also discovered some other forgotten supplies I had here, and I did figure out something cool to do - in the above photo, my art appears to be suspended in the center of a waterdrop. Oval and domed and made of smooth plastic, this little gem is one I've turned into a keychain! And I love it! It's so cool! I can also make earrings and pendants with these little gems and can do some things in some different sizes. The best part is they are not too expensive to make, and not very time consuming, so they make great little lower priced gift items featuring my original art designs!

I've placed the keychain on Ebay this week. My ACEO limited editions end on Ebay today. So far, no bids. No bids yet on the original ACEO I painted for the Gemstone Fairy Collection either. A site visitor here gave me a great idea about painting ACEO's with fairies and lampwork beads - how cool is THAT!? I think I might add that to my collections as well.

Currently on the easel are another gemstone fairy (this one is going to be either Ruby or Amethyst...I haven't decided the color of the gem yet) and then next design in the Backyard Beauties Collection, which features a fairy with a Goldfinch.

I'm feeling pretty good today - I sold one of my polymer necklaces recently to an online customer who purchased it for a gift for a friend. And I received the nicest letter back - I hope it's okay if I post part of the letter here:

"It is a beautiful piece....I am delighted with friend will treasure it...Your careful packing, lovely gift box, certificate and thank you are all appreciated. Very elegant on every level! Many thanks for your artistry."

As an artist, this is what makes all of my struggles worthwhile...:)


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fairies, Jewels, & ACEOs!

My love of jewels has been long many of you who read this blog know! And several years ago when I returned to art and illustration, I did this color pencil painting (using only shades of gray and black) of a princess cut diamond ring.

I found this painting,'s still in my collection. I love this painting! It's only about 4" x 4" square and I plan to eventually frame it in a gold frame with black and white matting. I think that will set it off wonderfully!

Anyway, I digress. I've been challenged to TRY to paint some original ACEO's. As many of you know, it's becoming more and more difficult for me to paint tiny, but I decided to put on the reading glasses and try it!

And in the middle of the night the other night, I woke up and said "gemstones". I was thinking of a cute series I could do, which would fit in well with the smaller theme of the ACEO sizing. So, I decided to paint gemstone fairies. That b& w diamond ring painting you see here has ALWAYS been a favorite of mine and I've wanted to do more. I've never tried painting a jewel using watercolor, and not this tiny, but I figured, why not? And surprisingly, I was able to do it!

So, with further she is! The first in my original ACEO Gemstone Fairies Collection!

And oh, aren't you guys lucky! I've done something else unheard of these days and placed this ORIGINAL MINI PAINTING on EBAY! For an opening bid of ONLY $9.99. So what are you waiting on? Go bid! :)


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

And she's done! (Hummingbird Fairy)

And she's done! This is the third in my Backyard Beauties Collection. Titled "Hummingbird Fairy", this one was a bit more challenging, but I'm very pleased with how she turned out. You can see all three of the completed pieces in this collection on my website.

Next up will be the Goldfinch Fairy. These are TOO FUN!!!!!


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

ACEO's art cards

Well I've finally done it....set up my art to do limited edition art cards (ACEO). I figure since I'm on a roll here with the fairy art (still working on that Hummingbird Fairy!), that they make good subject matter for ACEO's.

I'm doing limited editions on 140lb watercolor paper. And my editions are VERY limited. Under 10 per image. Why? Well, I have this *wonderful* printer, great inks, etc. absolutely HATES this 140lb paper and it takes forever and a day for me to get one sheet to feed correctly. Sigh.

Not to mention this little issue it has sometimes of printing only a part of an image. I managed to get 6 art cards made of each of the two images here.

There would have been 9 images, had everything worked perfectly. Which it didn't. So I'm left with 6, I've signed and numbered them, and that's all I have the patience to deal with. Which is why my editions are very limited. :)

So, as I go along, I'll also print the matching ACEO's to the larger paintings. But once they're gone, then that's it!

Yesterday I found a place to order a journal type notebook with my art on the front. I've ordered one to test the quality. If I like it, I might add those to my product offerings as well. They have calendars as well, so after I see the quality of the book, and after I get this Backyard Beauties series complete, I'd love to produce a calendar with the all of the images on it.

I'd also like to find how to have keychains made with my art. I think that would be a great little trinket to sell down at the gallery as well as from the website.

Well, it's back to the easel for me. Oh, and I put 2 ACEO's on Ebay for a bit lower price. Take a look if you have a moment!


Monday, September 11, 2006

Coffee Thoughts ~ Monday

Okay, so it's wayyyyy past coffee time. I've been up and working for 4.5 hours already. :) I had some postcards to get ready for a client. We've partnered together - he's going to give free mini prints of my Blue Bird Portrait to his customers who refer him new business...sort of a nice "thank you for the referral" gift. I'm selling him the prints at my wholesale cost - he is doing the mailing/postage part of the deal. I've designed and am printing the postcards for him to give to his customers - his company is paying the postage on that as well.

I won't make any real profit on the front end of this deal, but if the recipients like the matted mini prints, perhaps they will order more direct from me. And who knows....maybe another business owner will pick up on this deal and contact me about doing the same for their business. The mini prints are a great little "thank you" gift, which is original, and something they can use. This client picked the blue bird because he says everyone likes birds and bird art in their home. Which is a good point, since birdwatching is the #2 hobby in this world - right behind gardening!

Since I finished up with that project, I've been working on my website, adding more of the mini prints to the appropriate categories. I've also set up the larger prints for my Backyard Beauties collection.

And I've just finished laying out the design for #3 in that collection - the Hummingbird Fairy. Now I have to get the drawing completed on the actual canvas, and then I can start painting this one.

I need to mow the yard (at least the kind neighbor mowed the back for me the other day), but I'd rather paint!

I was looking over my Ebay records last night when I uploaded the large fairy prints as items for sale there. I find it interesting more and more people are not leaving feedback for transactions. Recently I sold the original of my rooster painting there, and I guess everything's fine, as I've heard no complaints...but still no feedback. I also bought something recently, and while I paid immediately and left feedback upon receipt, I've not had feedback from the seller. Is the world just getting so wrapped up in things they forget to say "hey thanks"? Of course, for me, feedback from buyers has always been an issue. Many do eventually come and leave feedback, but it just takes so long (just got one recently from a transaction for some notecards I sold months ago!). In the meantime, here I sit as a seller, wondering, well? Do you like the work? Are you pleased? But like I said before, I guess if they weren't they would certainly say so! LOL

Oh well, I was just sitting here pondering that this morning as I take a breather before hitting the easel again. Maybe I'll go mow the yard before I actually do that....I don't know. Decisions...decisions...LOL!


Sunday, September 10, 2006

New painting! "Cardinal Fairy" in the Backyard Beauties Collection

Here's my newest work! This is the second in my "Backyard Beauties" collection of beautiful fairies with their little wild bird friends. It's rich and colorful and I'm so pleased with the way the painting turned out!

Photographing and scanning was a nightmare.....gosh, sometimes I wish I had some help with that stuff because OMG it can get tedious. *Especially* when you screw something up and save something over something you shouldn't....and then you spend 3 hours re-doing everything!!!!!! EEK! So much for my "day off"....I've been working since 6:30 this morning and it's now after 8pm.

I feel really good about how this collection is going. Okay, I know this is only the second image. Long range plans for this are to have 12 of the Backyard Beauties. Initial plans were only for 4 of them, but now I'm thinking 12 would be good. The next one on the agenda will be the Hummingbird Fairy. After that a Goldfinch Fairy. After that, I haven't decided yet.

Anyway, I hope you like her! I've got the originals and various print types/sizes on my website and I've also put a few prints on Ebay.


Friday, September 08, 2006

Working on prints and I've got company coming!

Today I've been working on prints. I have a great printer for printing small art prints. (8x10 and smaller) It does a wonderful job, though the ink is incredibly expensive. And I've decided to offer my prints as MATTED prints. They present so much better to a customer that way. I've also placed an order for hanging clear bags so retail locations will accept my prints as well.

My next painting is the Cardinal Fairy. I'm still working on the drawing, and because I've been figuring out printing/matting, I haven't gotten very far on it. But the plan is to work on it tonight and try to get it ready to begin painting before morning.

I've been working longer and later hours every day lately, but when I see what I'm accomplishing here, it makes it worthwhile. People fuss at me all of the time and say I should work less, spend more time doing fun things. (i.e. things they want me to do with them usually! LOL) But I know I have to pay my dues to make my career happen and I am willing to do that.

Although, I will be taking some time off later this month - I've got company coming! Normally company stresses me out, but this time I am really looking forward to it. And I'll get to see my nephew from FL too! Yeehaw! He's getting so cute now and I can't wait to see him "in person". I'm going to take him and his mom and show them where I used to live....where all the country singers live up around Nashville. Beautiful area, and I haven't been back there since a few months ago, so I'm ready to go again. Plans aren't totally finalized yet, but I am hoping they will be able to get here by the end of the month, if not before.

I'd like to plan a trip to see Paula up around Gatlinburg, but that might be a while before I'll be able to go to the mountains. I'd love that a chalet in the mountains and paint for a week! Some friends from the gallery are going in October I believe, but I don't think I could swing it with my budget right now. Plus I'd have to make arrangements for my kids, and that's difficult sometimes. But I can certainly dream about wonderful it would be to be up in the mountains, to be away from the "busy-ness" and to just be free to draw and paint for a while with no phone, no internet, no daily trials and tribulations......ahhhhhhhhh. Soon.....:)

Anyway, guess I'd better get to my drawing now that I have the prints figured out and have been to purchase the mats and order the bags. I have the matted prints of the Blue Bird Fairy available on the website in case anyone's interested....just click here.


Coffee Thoughts ~ Karma & Such

Just thinking this morning while I had coffee...they say when you do good things, you will create "good karma". And of course bad things create "bad karma". Basically it's the theory I've always believed in, which is you get back what you give out.

I'm trying really hard to create some good karma lately. I really do want to be able to create the best paintings possible, and establish myself as a person who actually can make a good living from her art. So I've been doing some good things to try to create some good karma....such as helping to pay someone's rent when they needed it, working at the gallery helping Rachel out, being there when someone needed to talk, getting rid of negative people/energy who tried to enter my life on my daughter's recent birthday....etc etc.

And I think I'm starting to feel some good karma coming in - no, I haven't figured out how to pay my OWN rent, but we could handle being tossed out on the street better than a mother with a newborn! But I have started seeing a definite improvement in my work, my mind is focused more on my goals, and I am suddenly feeling stronger against the yuck in the world and more lighthearted and fun with myself and my life!

Maybe it's the people who I've chosen to associate with. Negative/Nasty/Condescending/Abusive people are no longer included...I've made new friends and associates who are positive, uplifting and encouraging. And I'm still blessed with a few of my old friends and acquaintances whom I love dearly (yeah Paula, that includes YOU!!!!!!!:)).

Life just seems to feel like it's getting better. I'm giving out more good and getting more good back in return. Today I feel it is a joy to be on this planet! :)


Thursday, September 07, 2006

New Painting! "Blue Bird Fairy"

Ahhhh.....finally I have finished "Blue Bird Fairy"! In my Beyond Imagination Series, I have decided to do certain themed collections. The first collection is called "Backyard Beauties" and each original will be a 9x12" painting on canvas board, each featuring a fairy with a wild bird. The first in the collection is the Blue Bird Fairy, and here she is!

I had SUCH FUN with this painting! The detailing on the glove was really fun, but more than that, I love the tattoo! I couldn't stand that naked arm, so I gave her a Bird of Paradise floral tattoo. And the feathers....I had a BLAST painting them! Now I can't wait to do the rest of the fairies, each themed in colors/style to a different bird! I still haven't decided whether each will have the same style of feathered wings or if I'll do something a bit different on some of them. I'm definitely working towards 4 designs in this collection, but if all goes well, I might expand that to 12. We'll see!

If you are interested in the original painting, and seeing a couple of close up photos, you can see it here.

I've also listed a signed mini print (5x7) on Ebay.

Hope you enjoy her!


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Thinkin' and workin'

So what else is new? LOL Always thinking and always working. I am taking a day off tomorrow though. At least from painting. I figure, why not? No comments on any of my latest work, no bids on Ebay, and 14:1 spam mails to "real" emails. So since there's not much going on out there, I figure I'll just leave! At least for a mere one day! Haha!

I've been planning out fairy/goddess/nymph paintings. Different little "series" of work I want to do. From the last couple paintings I've completed, I see I'm a lot better at it when I do more illustrative techniques rather than straight painting (as in the loose, impressionistic type of work). Illustrative techniques are much more particular and they take longer, but from seeing most of the popular fairy and goddess designs out there, they use a lot more illustrative techniques and I think part of this is for the potential for licensing.

So I've made some adjustments in techniques over the past couple days and am working on a Bluebird Fairy. I think you guys will see quite a bit of improvement in the overall work. I'm still having issues getting skin tone to look smooth enough for my liking on this watercolor canvas. But I'm going at this current painting with a lot lighter touch and it's working better.

I've made some rules for myself to follow with my work in this area. Not really "rules" as much as standard things which I will do with each painting. One thing I am implementing into these paintings is the use of ink outlining. Since the ink I use is waterproof, that is working well for me. But I'm using very little ink - it's just enough to set off the major features a little better. I've also set myself some standards on hair coloring methods. I've done one section of hair so far on this fairy and it seems like it will be really cool when complete!

Anyway, so I'm just keeping to myself here, and working away. Since I'll be on the road tomorrow, I'll probably be doing a lot of brainstorming for the future of my business and the directions I want to go. Guess I'd better take a notebook with me so I can write things down on the way! If I don't, I'll surely forget half of the ideas and plans.

Off to the easel,

Sunday, September 03, 2006

"Tree Frog Maiden", my newest painting!

Here's my newest painting! It features Kelly, who has become the "tree frog fairy" for this work of art. The original is on Ebay, and I have canvas prints available on my website, as well as mini prints (5x7). Comments welcome!


Saturday, September 02, 2006

Help Me out Please! Vote for your favorite Art Selection:

Morning all! I was hoping my blog visitors could help me out with a little something. I need to pick only ONE of these paintings to submit for a contest. I have chosen my 4 favorite designs of the paintings I've completed which I feel would fit in best in the home decor market. These are the 4 images (click on any of them to see the larger one) and I would appreciate it if you could vote for your favorite using my poll button below. THANK YOU for taking the time and helping me choose the best art to submit!

Thank you!