Monday, September 25, 2006

Working on my next painting

Today I'll be working on my next painting - and this one is making me a bit nervous because of the size. It's a 36x24 canvas, and it will be the largest watercolor on canvas I've done to date! The design is all complete, and now it's time to transfer it to the canvas and get started. The title is "Taming the Ego" and it's a painting which will stand on its own - i.e. it doesn't fit in the series of work I've been doing and doesn't need to since it is one to deliver a powerful message all on its own.

I'm really, really suprised the original ACEO of the Emerald Fairy didn't bring a bid on Ebay! I had it significantly lower priced than the price on the website, but oh well! The Amethyst Fairy ACEO is still on Ebay - maybe it will get some action. These are ADORABLE miniatures and even though I've only completed 2 in the series, I can see how this can shape up into a really neat series!

Well, off to get a little work done on the new piece. I also have to go help move artwork today, so I'll be gone part of the day doing that as well.


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