Friday, September 22, 2006

PHEW! What a day and I'm not done yet!

Wow, I can't believe how much more energy I have lately! AMAZING! Anyway, I spent the morning moving art up to Premiere Place for the Vino and Van Gogh event tomorrow night. Unfortunately, I won't be there (but my art is!) because I *do* have company coming after all!

Got home, took a shower, and then got the new fairy up on the website. I've also placed a Limited Edition ACEO (pictured here) on Ebay, and I've placed a 5x7 matted print and an 8x10 mini print on Ebay as well. The original, of course, can be purchased from my site. Now that there are 4 fairys completed, it's GREAT to see how this series is shaping up! Someone just needs to buy the entire collection! They sure look terrific in my living room all together. :) all that work is done, it's onto other things. Time for a GREAT weekend. I've got to get to the store for sure. And thank goodness the kids have been helping more to keep the house clean! It's going to be a good bit of R&R, a couple little short trips out of town, and hopefully a couple of fun outdoor activities too. I'll also be working on my new painting, "Taming the Ego", because to me, painting IS R&R. :) So I'm off here again to get moving on the grocery stuff, and I plan to spend the entire evening listening to Yanni and working on this bigger piece.

Then on Monday I'll be helping Rachel to bring all the art back to the gallery. (THAT is REALLY GOOD exercise, btw!)

I'll pop in once each morning the next couple of days to check email and orders, so don't worry! I'll still be attending to the business end of things!


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