Friday, September 29, 2006


I absolutely LOVE the beginning stages of a painting. The deciding on references, the layout of the painting, the tweaking of the design......I spend more time on all of those things than I do the actual painting sometimes! To me, it's's slow, gentle, playful and easy. It's the most fun part of the painting, methinks!

I'm still working on the drawing for "Taming the Ego". I'm glad I'm not rushing this one, as I think it will be a much better painting as a result of me taking my time, and loosening up with it....getting into the fantasy, if you will.

I'll be working on it all day today ~ then tonight I'll be going to the gallery for Mary Spellings watercolor show opening. I got a sneak peak yesterday at the art and it's FANTASTIC!

BTW, I've been wearing my prosperity pendant. Since I have, $433.33 of extra money - totally unexpected - has come into the family bank. :)


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