Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Jewels & Accessories

I know I've been quiet lately. I've been soooo busy here the past few days! I have 2 paintings on the table, and I've gotten the bug to attempt to get my art into jewelry. (yes, AGAIN!) As many years as I've worked on this issue, you think I'd have the perfect answer by now. LOL!

Last time I tried this, I ended up painting in polymer clay and creating the miniature art jewels that way. Well, being I really don't want to repaint each of my art designs in polymer (plus the fact my eyes are getting worse, so little things are more difficult), I've been struggling once again to find an answer.

I've come up with one way to get my designs into the brooch/pendant settings I made. Those are still on the work table and are setting up. The only issue I have with those is I have to use a toxic material to get it done. They look good - like the art is suspended under water in the brass setting. Very cool. I still am not quiet totally thrilled with them, however, and I think it's because I feel something is missing....yet I don't know what. Since I can't really handle them yet and try the brooch/pendants on and see how they look, I just don't know.

I also discovered some other forgotten supplies I had here, and I did figure out something cool to do - in the above photo, my art appears to be suspended in the center of a waterdrop. Oval and domed and made of smooth plastic, this little gem is one I've turned into a keychain! And I love it! It's so cool! I can also make earrings and pendants with these little gems and can do some things in some different sizes. The best part is they are not too expensive to make, and not very time consuming, so they make great little lower priced gift items featuring my original art designs!

I've placed the keychain on Ebay this week. My ACEO limited editions end on Ebay today. So far, no bids. No bids yet on the original ACEO I painted for the Gemstone Fairy Collection either. A site visitor here gave me a great idea about painting ACEO's with fairies and lampwork beads - how cool is THAT!? I think I might add that to my collections as well.

Currently on the easel are another gemstone fairy (this one is going to be either Ruby or Amethyst...I haven't decided the color of the gem yet) and then next design in the Backyard Beauties Collection, which features a fairy with a Goldfinch.

I'm feeling pretty good today - I sold one of my polymer necklaces recently to an online customer who purchased it for a gift for a friend. And I received the nicest letter back - I hope it's okay if I post part of the letter here:

"It is a beautiful piece....I am delighted with it...my friend will treasure it...Your careful packing, lovely gift box, certificate and thank you are all appreciated. Very elegant on every level! Many thanks for your artistry."

As an artist, this is what makes all of my struggles worthwhile...:)


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