Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Thinkin' and workin'

So what else is new? LOL Always thinking and always working. I am taking a day off tomorrow though. At least from painting. I figure, why not? No comments on any of my latest work, no bids on Ebay, and 14:1 spam mails to "real" emails. So since there's not much going on out there, I figure I'll just leave! At least for a mere one day! Haha!

I've been planning out fairy/goddess/nymph paintings. Different little "series" of work I want to do. From the last couple paintings I've completed, I see I'm a lot better at it when I do more illustrative techniques rather than straight painting (as in the loose, impressionistic type of work). Illustrative techniques are much more particular and they take longer, but from seeing most of the popular fairy and goddess designs out there, they use a lot more illustrative techniques and I think part of this is for the potential for licensing.

So I've made some adjustments in techniques over the past couple days and am working on a Bluebird Fairy. I think you guys will see quite a bit of improvement in the overall work. I'm still having issues getting skin tone to look smooth enough for my liking on this watercolor canvas. But I'm going at this current painting with a lot lighter touch and it's working better.

I've made some rules for myself to follow with my work in this area. Not really "rules" as much as standard things which I will do with each painting. One thing I am implementing into these paintings is the use of ink outlining. Since the ink I use is waterproof, that is working well for me. But I'm using very little ink - it's just enough to set off the major features a little better. I've also set myself some standards on hair coloring methods. I've done one section of hair so far on this fairy and it seems like it will be really cool when complete!

Anyway, so I'm just keeping to myself here, and working away. Since I'll be on the road tomorrow, I'll probably be doing a lot of brainstorming for the future of my business and the directions I want to go. Guess I'd better take a notebook with me so I can write things down on the way! If I don't, I'll surely forget half of the ideas and plans.

Off to the easel,

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