Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I had a nice lunch yesterday with Rachel after moving all the art back to the gallery. And we were talking about me making jewelry. Which got me to thinking about these coins.....

Two fair maidens were in the midst of deep struggles in their lives. Unsure of their future, they prayed for assistance from a higher power. Shortly thereafter, a mysterious gift was delivered. Gently unwrapping layers and layers of delicate paper, and untying yards and yards of ribbons took hours, but once deep inside, the maidens discovered something amazing! In the center was a collection of abandoned and forgotten coins, many of which are very, very old, as well as quite unique and beautiful. Deep within the middle of the coins was a note..."Using your creative skills, we ask you take these found treasures and turn them into something beautiful and inspiring for others."

And that, my friends, is what Kelly and I have done! A new addition to my website is the KelJai Art Jewelry Collection. Using the coins found in this wonderful gift box (which we feel was left by a true angel), we have created a selection of Prosperity Pendants, both small and large.

And tomorrow....yes tomorrow.....I will be working on my painting I mentioned a couple of days ago. But visitors to the gallery for this Friday's art opening will all have the pleasure of selecting a Prosperity Pendant for themselves and a loved one. :)


P.S. Now I know why I like PAINTING more than making JEWELRY - it's SAFER! My hands are raw, and black (don't ask!), my fingernails are all torn up, and I have this horrible blister on my middle finger......I've come to the conclusion all jewelry designers deserve a HUGE RAISE!


Moon Stumpp said...

You know I just love coming to your blog. It's always interesting and has the kewlest eye candy out there.

Jai said...

Ah, but Moon, YOU'RE the one with the amazing EYE CANDY! Love your beads and your exquisite use of color!


Leeza said...

i love to read your blogs specially on jewelry.