Tuesday, September 12, 2006

ACEO's art cards

Well I've finally done it....set up my art to do limited edition art cards (ACEO). I figure since I'm on a roll here with the fairy art (still working on that Hummingbird Fairy!), that they make good subject matter for ACEO's.

I'm doing limited editions on 140lb watercolor paper. And my editions are VERY limited. Under 10 per image. Why? Well, I have this *wonderful* printer, great inks, etc. However....it absolutely HATES this 140lb paper and it takes forever and a day for me to get one sheet to feed correctly. Sigh.

Not to mention this little issue it has sometimes of printing only a part of an image. I managed to get 6 art cards made of each of the two images here.

There would have been 9 images, had everything worked perfectly. Which it didn't. So I'm left with 6, I've signed and numbered them, and that's all I have the patience to deal with. Which is why my editions are very limited. :)

So, as I go along, I'll also print the matching ACEO's to the larger paintings. But once they're gone, then that's it!

Yesterday I found a place to order a journal type notebook with my art on the front. I've ordered one to test the quality. If I like it, I might add those to my product offerings as well. They have calendars as well, so after I see the quality of the book, and after I get this Backyard Beauties series complete, I'd love to produce a calendar with the all of the images on it.

I'd also like to find how to have keychains made with my art. I think that would be a great little trinket to sell down at the gallery as well as from the website.

Well, it's back to the easel for me. Oh, and I put 2 ACEO's on Ebay for a bit lower price. Take a look if you have a moment!


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