Monday, September 11, 2006

Coffee Thoughts ~ Monday

Okay, so it's wayyyyy past coffee time. I've been up and working for 4.5 hours already. :) I had some postcards to get ready for a client. We've partnered together - he's going to give free mini prints of my Blue Bird Portrait to his customers who refer him new business...sort of a nice "thank you for the referral" gift. I'm selling him the prints at my wholesale cost - he is doing the mailing/postage part of the deal. I've designed and am printing the postcards for him to give to his customers - his company is paying the postage on that as well.

I won't make any real profit on the front end of this deal, but if the recipients like the matted mini prints, perhaps they will order more direct from me. And who knows....maybe another business owner will pick up on this deal and contact me about doing the same for their business. The mini prints are a great little "thank you" gift, which is original, and something they can use. This client picked the blue bird because he says everyone likes birds and bird art in their home. Which is a good point, since birdwatching is the #2 hobby in this world - right behind gardening!

Since I finished up with that project, I've been working on my website, adding more of the mini prints to the appropriate categories. I've also set up the larger prints for my Backyard Beauties collection.

And I've just finished laying out the design for #3 in that collection - the Hummingbird Fairy. Now I have to get the drawing completed on the actual canvas, and then I can start painting this one.

I need to mow the yard (at least the kind neighbor mowed the back for me the other day), but I'd rather paint!

I was looking over my Ebay records last night when I uploaded the large fairy prints as items for sale there. I find it interesting more and more people are not leaving feedback for transactions. Recently I sold the original of my rooster painting there, and I guess everything's fine, as I've heard no complaints...but still no feedback. I also bought something recently, and while I paid immediately and left feedback upon receipt, I've not had feedback from the seller. Is the world just getting so wrapped up in things they forget to say "hey thanks"? Of course, for me, feedback from buyers has always been an issue. Many do eventually come and leave feedback, but it just takes so long (just got one recently from a transaction for some notecards I sold months ago!). In the meantime, here I sit as a seller, wondering, well? Do you like the work? Are you pleased? But like I said before, I guess if they weren't they would certainly say so! LOL

Oh well, I was just sitting here pondering that this morning as I take a breather before hitting the easel again. Maybe I'll go mow the yard before I actually do that....I don't know. Decisions...decisions...LOL!


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