Friday, September 08, 2006

Working on prints and I've got company coming!

Today I've been working on prints. I have a great printer for printing small art prints. (8x10 and smaller) It does a wonderful job, though the ink is incredibly expensive. And I've decided to offer my prints as MATTED prints. They present so much better to a customer that way. I've also placed an order for hanging clear bags so retail locations will accept my prints as well.

My next painting is the Cardinal Fairy. I'm still working on the drawing, and because I've been figuring out printing/matting, I haven't gotten very far on it. But the plan is to work on it tonight and try to get it ready to begin painting before morning.

I've been working longer and later hours every day lately, but when I see what I'm accomplishing here, it makes it worthwhile. People fuss at me all of the time and say I should work less, spend more time doing fun things. (i.e. things they want me to do with them usually! LOL) But I know I have to pay my dues to make my career happen and I am willing to do that.

Although, I will be taking some time off later this month - I've got company coming! Normally company stresses me out, but this time I am really looking forward to it. And I'll get to see my nephew from FL too! Yeehaw! He's getting so cute now and I can't wait to see him "in person". I'm going to take him and his mom and show them where I used to live....where all the country singers live up around Nashville. Beautiful area, and I haven't been back there since a few months ago, so I'm ready to go again. Plans aren't totally finalized yet, but I am hoping they will be able to get here by the end of the month, if not before.

I'd like to plan a trip to see Paula up around Gatlinburg, but that might be a while before I'll be able to go to the mountains. I'd love that a chalet in the mountains and paint for a week! Some friends from the gallery are going in October I believe, but I don't think I could swing it with my budget right now. Plus I'd have to make arrangements for my kids, and that's difficult sometimes. But I can certainly dream about wonderful it would be to be up in the mountains, to be away from the "busy-ness" and to just be free to draw and paint for a while with no phone, no internet, no daily trials and tribulations......ahhhhhhhhh. Soon.....:)

Anyway, guess I'd better get to my drawing now that I have the prints figured out and have been to purchase the mats and order the bags. I have the matted prints of the Blue Bird Fairy available on the website in case anyone's interested....just click here.


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