Friday, September 08, 2006

Coffee Thoughts ~ Karma & Such

Just thinking this morning while I had coffee...they say when you do good things, you will create "good karma". And of course bad things create "bad karma". Basically it's the theory I've always believed in, which is you get back what you give out.

I'm trying really hard to create some good karma lately. I really do want to be able to create the best paintings possible, and establish myself as a person who actually can make a good living from her art. So I've been doing some good things to try to create some good karma....such as helping to pay someone's rent when they needed it, working at the gallery helping Rachel out, being there when someone needed to talk, getting rid of negative people/energy who tried to enter my life on my daughter's recent birthday....etc etc.

And I think I'm starting to feel some good karma coming in - no, I haven't figured out how to pay my OWN rent, but we could handle being tossed out on the street better than a mother with a newborn! But I have started seeing a definite improvement in my work, my mind is focused more on my goals, and I am suddenly feeling stronger against the yuck in the world and more lighthearted and fun with myself and my life!

Maybe it's the people who I've chosen to associate with. Negative/Nasty/Condescending/Abusive people are no longer included...I've made new friends and associates who are positive, uplifting and encouraging. And I'm still blessed with a few of my old friends and acquaintances whom I love dearly (yeah Paula, that includes YOU!!!!!!!:)).

Life just seems to feel like it's getting better. I'm giving out more good and getting more good back in return. Today I feel it is a joy to be on this planet! :)


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Paula said...

Awww, I love ya too!! :)

And you've been saying for years that negative energy only brings negative energy. And as you know, I've been consumed with it lately (blame the company that I keep at home). However, I started more positive thinking in the last 48 hours and things are turning around. Heck, I sold 3 lakeview lots yesterday, sight unseen, to a guy in Florida!!

I also turned down a client who was nasty, nasty, nasty. Sometimes you have to realize that life is just too short to waste it on people that suck you dry.

And no, I don't know who those people are! *laughing* I hate puzzles, you know that!!! :)