Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fairies, Jewels, & ACEOs!

My love of jewels has been long many of you who read this blog know! And several years ago when I returned to art and illustration, I did this color pencil painting (using only shades of gray and black) of a princess cut diamond ring.

I found this painting,'s still in my collection. I love this painting! It's only about 4" x 4" square and I plan to eventually frame it in a gold frame with black and white matting. I think that will set it off wonderfully!

Anyway, I digress. I've been challenged to TRY to paint some original ACEO's. As many of you know, it's becoming more and more difficult for me to paint tiny, but I decided to put on the reading glasses and try it!

And in the middle of the night the other night, I woke up and said "gemstones". I was thinking of a cute series I could do, which would fit in well with the smaller theme of the ACEO sizing. So, I decided to paint gemstone fairies. That b& w diamond ring painting you see here has ALWAYS been a favorite of mine and I've wanted to do more. I've never tried painting a jewel using watercolor, and not this tiny, but I figured, why not? And surprisingly, I was able to do it!

So, with further she is! The first in my original ACEO Gemstone Fairies Collection!

And oh, aren't you guys lucky! I've done something else unheard of these days and placed this ORIGINAL MINI PAINTING on EBAY! For an opening bid of ONLY $9.99. So what are you waiting on? Go bid! :)



Moon Stumpp said...

What a unique concept!!!!! I love it! What a great present for a jewelry lover.

Ever thing about painting strands of lampwork beads?

Jai said...

Woohoo, what a great idea Moon! I am thinking more than "strands", however, just one bead with the fairy...since these are so small. How cool would that be?! Thanks so much for your comment and the idea! Maybe I'll paint a fairy with one of YOUR beads!