Thursday, September 21, 2006

Coffee Thoughts ~ Thursday

Good morning world! Having my coffee here and thinking about many upcoming things I have going on. Today is the day it's time to "turn on the engine", so to speak. :)

I'm ALMOST DONE with the Goldfinch Fairy in the Backyard Beauties Collection. After I finish this cup of coffee, I might be awake enough to go do a little more work on her - not sure if I can get her completed before it's time to do everything else though.

Yesterday I spent most of the morning designing a large painting. This one will be 24x36 and is called "Taming the Ego". It's one of those personal and meaningful pieces to me. I was working on different elements of the painting up until lunch and didn't get back to Ms. Goldfinch until later yesterday I'm running behind.

I did have company coming this weekend, but that's not worked out as of yet, and I'm not sure if it will. Regardless, I have a LOT of other things going on. Today I have to frame up 3 pieces to take to the gallery, then I have several errands to do (including find a way to pay that utility bill before they cut it off later today! EEK!) and then it's an afternoon with horses! Yippee! :) After that, it's back here to work. Then tomorrow I've volunteered myself to help Rachel move art from the gallery to Premiere Catering where there will be a big art show Sat. night. Monday I've volunteered to help bring it all back. Guess that will give me some more exercise for sure!

Next week is also very busy. My son's birthday is next Friday (the big *12*!) and I also have an art opening for the amazing watercolorist Mary Spellings to attend for a couple of hours that night. I can't wait for that, as I love her work, especially her horse paintings!

Somewhere on my desk here is my calendar...course, I can't find it, so I haven't written anything in all this stuff I have to get done is just stored in this ole brain. LOL! Oh well, my eyes might be getting worse, but I believe my memory is getting better. It's certainly getting a lot of exercise lately. haha!

Okay, off to work on the finch, then print three original certificates and get to framing work.


P.S. Did I mention I went and saw the Lipizzaners last Sunday?

Well I did and they were wonderful! Here's some photos taken by my daughter.

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