Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pacific Splendor...a beautiful mix of blue, green and purple in these jewels!

Yesterday was a wonderful day. :) Not only did I come up with this fantastic color show I've titled "Pacific Splendor", but I also *finally* was able to create a setting like I wanted. It's only taken me about 5 years to figure out how to get the look I want for settings...and today I'm going to attempt another one. So let's see what we have here...

First shown is a lentil bead pendant with a brass tube bail and freshwater pearls. It's a BEAUTY...Sleek and rich looking. Read all the details here.

Next shown is a pair of earrings. I accented these with freshwater pearls along with genuine amethyst beads. They are dangly...long...FUN. If you like your earrings to be noticed...these are for you. Read more details here.

And then we have my masterpiece....AH. Set in hand woven brass wire is the Pacific Splendor pattern again...and this one spells TRUE ELEGANCE. Therefore it's the first jewelry added to my Elegance collection the site. A one of a kind, artisan pendant that spells UNIQUE with a capital "U"! See more photos and details about this one here.

So today it's back in the studio to see if I can work another blister onto my hand. Yeah, it's painful to do this type of design...but it's OH SO WORTH IT in the end! --InJoy, Jai

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What's New in Jai-Land

So what's new...

I've been making my lentil bead jewelry and experimenting with a few things. The two pendants shown here turned out exceptionally COOL! The pattern name for these pieces is "Say Yes".

The first design features a lentil bead suspended between 2 freshwater pearls. NICE. SLEEK. I pictured it on my personal gold chain so you could see how it looks when added to a chain.

The next pendant I created in the shape of a vessel. I added a tiny turquoise bead on top to give the illusion of a lid. It's a very FUN piece. The vessel is suspended between rolo chain links. And even though it doesn't open...there is something inside....and it's a SECRET. :)

The new website is in full swing, with new items being added daily. I'm still making the carved beads - they have their own category there.

I've been listing some things on Ebay, which has pretty much been a losing battle. Seems all I do is pay Ebay for nothing these days. Of course all of the recent changes they have announced have made a lot of people furious and caused a lot of sellers to leave. Unfortunately, those sellers are also buyers...and my bids/sales have tanked bigtime since their changes have been announced.

I'm now listing on Etsy. Same items as on my site - same price. Just trying to get market exposure and a new, more sophisticated audience who knows the true value of an art jewel.

I did get a few custom orders from listing on Ebay. I've also added a custom order section now to the website, so you can select your bead colors as well as the findings you want to turn it into a pendant, necklace, earrings, etc. I just finished an order for a wedding party. I forgot to take pictures before I delivered them though! It was kind of a last minute order, so everything had to be done in a hurry. Twelve necklaces...each with a focal bead in the colors of the wedding (pink/red/purple). The bride was happy...the bridesmaids liked them as a remembrance gift they can wear year-round. I think the mother of the bride was the most excited though - she told me she's worn hers every day since the wedding! :)

What else is new...I guess you all heard about our tornado here in Jackson, TN? Yeah, we got nailed AGAIN. It's starting to become a standard I can do without. It's certainly made me think about life a bit more and quit worrying about things so much. When everything you have - including your own SELF - can be ripped away from you in just 35's time to enjoy each minute more.

I'm no longer allowing myself to fret over the insignificant...the BS of life...the people immersed in drama...those who make it their mission to be cruel...the STUPIDITY...those who slither through life like a SNAKE, thinking you don't see them when you DO...the manipulators...ETC ETC ETC. I don't have time for any of it.

I'd rather shut off the phone and the computer, spend a moment outside, listen to the birds, inhale the cool breeze while the sun warms my face, and thank God for what I have. I'd rather spend time in my studio, experiencing the joy of CREATION...the thrill of making something of BEAUTY in a world which can be so ugly at times. I'd rather pet a kitten, play with my dog, watch a butterfly light on my finger. I'd rather spend one minute in a HUG than one hour in an ARGUMENT.

So the next time a tornado comes through here, I'll be ready. I won't be standing there regretting how I've spent my time and who I've spent it with. And if it does choose to take me, or everything I have, I'll be okay with it...because there's one thing it will not get - the JOY in my heart. --InJoy, Jai