Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ugly Green Man Brooch, Peacock, Turtle & Blue Moon too!

Another good day in the studio! First shown here is a pin I've titled BLUE MOON. A freeform landscape, it has quite an interesting looking with the blue moon behind the golden tree. If you like this pin, you can bid on it here.

Next up we have Fiona the Turtle. This piece ended up being a pendant. I've added genuine flourite gemstones to the wire to form her pendant bail. She has purple and green coloring with a bit of gold dust, and peridot glass beads for her eyes and the bead in the center of her shell. If you like Fiona, you can bid on her here!

And then we have THIS. LOL! This was actually the first piece I made today. I closed my eyes, and asked my spirit to form something of the clay. This is what came out and I almost balled him back up and started over...but I thought - WAIT. So he's different. So he doesn't look like the rest of my jewels. But that doesn't mean he shouldn't have a chance to be himself in this world! It reminds me of us humans - we are all different - none of us are perfect, and sometimes we have visual imperfections. Does this make us unworthy of being here? NO! So my green man deserves a chance to be himself as well. I wasn't sure about coloring him GREEN, but that's the thought that came into my mind. Perhaps with St. Patrick's Day coming up, it will be appropriate. :) If you'd like to add this unusual piece brooch to your collection, please click here.

And finally we have PIERRE. Pierre is a Peacock and I've adorned him with some turquoise and aurora borealis prong set rhinestones. When thinking of his name, and Pierre came to me, I also thought of my green man above and the thoughts about the green man being appropriate for St. Patrick's Day. It all reminds me of my grandfather - who died over 20 years ago. His birthday was St. Patrick's Day, and he had a dog named Pierre. I guess perhaps it was his spirit speaking to me today in my works. If you'd like to bid on Pierre the Peacock, you can do so here.

As always, thanks for your nice comments and for taking your time to look at my jewelry.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bird Jewels, Dharma the Goldfish & Calla Lily - Original Art Jewelry

Boy, it sure feels good to reach a goal. :) Today was the first day I completed 4 new pieces in the studio, which happens to be my goal for my jewelry sculptures for at least 5 days per week. Once again, I let Spirit take over and these were the jewels which emerged from the clay.

First shown here is a rather good sized Calla Lily brooch, with a sprig of green glass leaf beads as accents. If you'd enjoy adding Calla Lily to your original art jewelry collection, click here to bid.
Next up is a piece I had a lot of
fun with, and I know exactly where she came sister in law has a big-eyed goldfish named Dharma, and I was thinking about her recently, wondering how she'll adjust to new living quarters (my sister in law is moving). Dharma is one of those fish that's so ugly she's cute! LOL! I'm sure I didn't even come close to capturing her "true beauty", but hey, this is my artistic rendition. :) If you'd like to add Dharma to your world, click here to bid.

Next up is a Salmon Crested Cockatoo. I did this painting of a Salmon Crested Cockatoo last year (see photo of my painting below), and I just think they are so beautiful! I was looking through a bird magazine the other night and saw a photo of one of these awesome birds, and as a result, the pin/brooch I've named Samuel emerged today. If you'd like to bid on Samuel, please click here.

And then we have another one of my favorite birds - the Macaw. This parrot is a blue and gold, and I've named him Juniper. You can bid on Juniper here.

As always, thanks so much for dropping in and visiting with me and my jewelry. :)


Monday, February 12, 2007

Aquarium/Fish Brooch, Snow Owl Bead/Pendant & Twisted Pod Pendant

Good afternoon! Three more jewels have emerged from the studio and I hope you'll enjoy these - they are each different and unique!

The first piece shown is a pin/brooch and it's what I call an aquarium scene, with a fish swimming against the backdrop of a coral wall. Growing up from the plant at the bottom is a large piece of genuine mother of pearl I've wired in for extra accent. The name of this brooch is "Under Sea" and you can bid on it here.

This next piece is quite unusual and artistic. I don't know what the clay was thinking when it formed itself into this shape, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. I completed the design in a coral color and strung a brass wire through the center to create the pendant bale. On the wire reside mother of pearl gemstone chips. This pendant is titled "Twisted Pod" and you can bid on it here.

The final piece in this posting is an art bead or pendant. There's a horizontal hole behind the snow owl's eyes to string a cord, chain or wire. I think "Snowy" turned out just as cute as can be, especially with his little "branch" I've wired in under his feet, which has 6 genuine Unakite gemstone chips (hey, they were the color of leaves - I figure they make a neat branch!). You can bid on "Snowy" here if you desire to take him home with you!

Thanks for looking at my jewels - I hope they will brighten your day as much as they brighten mine!


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Seed pod, Fantasy flower & Bluebird art jewelry

Three more new jewels emerged from the studio today! First shown here is BASTIN - Bastin is a bluebird brooch and he even has a tiny sapphire blue glass bead for an eye, but you can't see it in my photo. The beads are sodalite and freshwater pearl. If you'd like to bring HAPPINESS to your life, you can bid on Bastin here.

Next up is a brooch I've titled FLOW. Flow features a sandy background with a deep amethyst flower as the focal point. The accents are some rare vintage no hole pearls I have in my bead stock here. If you'd like to bid on Flow, click here!

And then we have a pendant (or art bead if you are a jewelry designer) which I've titled POWER POD. It's a seed pod, BUT, it's different than what your normally see as it's done in PURPLE and the beads are actually a lavender glass faux pearl. The hole to run a chain or cord through is behind the leaf on top. If you'd like to bid on POWER POD, click here.

Thanks again for taking the time to look at my art jewels!


Friday, February 09, 2007

Palimino Horse Brooch & Swan Brooch

Here's today's final creations! First we have "Allure", the elegant swan. Who can resist looking the allure of the elegant swan as she glides across the pond? Not me! I am always drawn to them, and I guess that's why my subconscious pulled this one out of the ball of clay material. Click here to bid on Allure now!
And then we have the Palimino horse, titled "Prisma". There's an interesting story behind this brooch. After completing the swan, I took a ball of clay and *I* was determined to fashion another spirit stick, this time with a mermaid on it. Well, I worked for an hour, attempting this - and keep in mind, this shouldn't be a problem since I've painted humans, mermaids and fairies, as well as sculpted them. But it WAS a problem! Nothing was working AT ALL! And I finally realized, once again, *I* was trying to control the clay, rather than letting the clay just BE and form itself. So I relaxed, balled up my sorry excuse for a mermaid, and let the clay do what IT wanted. This is what came out...this palimino horse head. I'm assuming this came out because my daughter has missed several riding lessons recently due to weather and sickness...and apparently, underneath it all, that's where my heart was - with her and the horses. So as a result, PRISMA was born from the clay. You can bid on Prisma here if you'd like.

Thanks for looking at my jewelry sculptures,

Thursday, February 08, 2007

2 more free spirit jewels - tree spirt & morning glory flower

Good evening all! Today I've completed two more jewels. First shown here is "Morning Jewel", which features my rendition of a morning glory flower. Bid on this pin/brooch here!

Next up is what I call a "spirit stick". Designed to resemble a tree spirit,
this jewel features this wonderful little face, and a green gemstone chip for ABUNDANCE! In fact, his name is "Abundance Spirit Stick". You can bid on him here.

I plan on doing a lot more of the spirit sticks with different designs/figures on them, as that was a really fun piece to do.

Thanks for looking at my jewels!

Free Spirit Jewels

Hi all! Here's some of my newest jewels I've made. After several weeks of turmoil, after a long time of trying to create what *I think* other people want (that's a losing battle) in both paintings and jewelry, after many years of trying to force my polymer jewelry to look a "certain way", I've finally just said the HELL WITH IT and let go and let the clay do what it wants.

I call these pieces "Free Spirit Jewels", because I'm not planning them, and the polymer material is freely allowed to become what it wants.

I just am allowing my spirit to take over as I play with a ball of the polymer clay, and see what comes out. And it's very "freeing", hence the name "Free Spirit Jewels" for this collection. So far, these 3 designs have emerged. All 3 of these pieces are also just listed on Ebay.

"Hummer" is a pin/brooch Hummingbird design and you can bid on him here.

"Hangin' Around" is a hanging tree frog pendant with the hole for the chain/cord under his top feet - you can bid on this piece here.

And "Sun Dance" is a colorful sunflower pin/brooch, which you can bid on here.

Thanks for taking a look at my jewels!