Monday, February 12, 2007

Aquarium/Fish Brooch, Snow Owl Bead/Pendant & Twisted Pod Pendant

Good afternoon! Three more jewels have emerged from the studio and I hope you'll enjoy these - they are each different and unique!

The first piece shown is a pin/brooch and it's what I call an aquarium scene, with a fish swimming against the backdrop of a coral wall. Growing up from the plant at the bottom is a large piece of genuine mother of pearl I've wired in for extra accent. The name of this brooch is "Under Sea" and you can bid on it here.

This next piece is quite unusual and artistic. I don't know what the clay was thinking when it formed itself into this shape, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. I completed the design in a coral color and strung a brass wire through the center to create the pendant bale. On the wire reside mother of pearl gemstone chips. This pendant is titled "Twisted Pod" and you can bid on it here.

The final piece in this posting is an art bead or pendant. There's a horizontal hole behind the snow owl's eyes to string a cord, chain or wire. I think "Snowy" turned out just as cute as can be, especially with his little "branch" I've wired in under his feet, which has 6 genuine Unakite gemstone chips (hey, they were the color of leaves - I figure they make a neat branch!). You can bid on "Snowy" here if you desire to take him home with you!

Thanks for looking at my jewels - I hope they will brighten your day as much as they brighten mine!


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