Friday, February 09, 2007

Palimino Horse Brooch & Swan Brooch

Here's today's final creations! First we have "Allure", the elegant swan. Who can resist looking the allure of the elegant swan as she glides across the pond? Not me! I am always drawn to them, and I guess that's why my subconscious pulled this one out of the ball of clay material. Click here to bid on Allure now!
And then we have the Palimino horse, titled "Prisma". There's an interesting story behind this brooch. After completing the swan, I took a ball of clay and *I* was determined to fashion another spirit stick, this time with a mermaid on it. Well, I worked for an hour, attempting this - and keep in mind, this shouldn't be a problem since I've painted humans, mermaids and fairies, as well as sculpted them. But it WAS a problem! Nothing was working AT ALL! And I finally realized, once again, *I* was trying to control the clay, rather than letting the clay just BE and form itself. So I relaxed, balled up my sorry excuse for a mermaid, and let the clay do what IT wanted. This is what came out...this palimino horse head. I'm assuming this came out because my daughter has missed several riding lessons recently due to weather and sickness...and apparently, underneath it all, that's where my heart was - with her and the horses. So as a result, PRISMA was born from the clay. You can bid on Prisma here if you'd like.

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