Thursday, February 08, 2007

Free Spirit Jewels

Hi all! Here's some of my newest jewels I've made. After several weeks of turmoil, after a long time of trying to create what *I think* other people want (that's a losing battle) in both paintings and jewelry, after many years of trying to force my polymer jewelry to look a "certain way", I've finally just said the HELL WITH IT and let go and let the clay do what it wants.

I call these pieces "Free Spirit Jewels", because I'm not planning them, and the polymer material is freely allowed to become what it wants.

I just am allowing my spirit to take over as I play with a ball of the polymer clay, and see what comes out. And it's very "freeing", hence the name "Free Spirit Jewels" for this collection. So far, these 3 designs have emerged. All 3 of these pieces are also just listed on Ebay.

"Hummer" is a pin/brooch Hummingbird design and you can bid on him here.

"Hangin' Around" is a hanging tree frog pendant with the hole for the chain/cord under his top feet - you can bid on this piece here.

And "Sun Dance" is a colorful sunflower pin/brooch, which you can bid on here.

Thanks for taking a look at my jewels!

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