Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ugly Green Man Brooch, Peacock, Turtle & Blue Moon too!

Another good day in the studio! First shown here is a pin I've titled BLUE MOON. A freeform landscape, it has quite an interesting looking with the blue moon behind the golden tree. If you like this pin, you can bid on it here.

Next up we have Fiona the Turtle. This piece ended up being a pendant. I've added genuine flourite gemstones to the wire to form her pendant bail. She has purple and green coloring with a bit of gold dust, and peridot glass beads for her eyes and the bead in the center of her shell. If you like Fiona, you can bid on her here!

And then we have THIS. LOL! This was actually the first piece I made today. I closed my eyes, and asked my spirit to form something of the clay. This is what came out and I almost balled him back up and started over...but I thought - WAIT. So he's different. So he doesn't look like the rest of my jewels. But that doesn't mean he shouldn't have a chance to be himself in this world! It reminds me of us humans - we are all different - none of us are perfect, and sometimes we have visual imperfections. Does this make us unworthy of being here? NO! So my green man deserves a chance to be himself as well. I wasn't sure about coloring him GREEN, but that's the thought that came into my mind. Perhaps with St. Patrick's Day coming up, it will be appropriate. :) If you'd like to add this unusual piece brooch to your collection, please click here.

And finally we have PIERRE. Pierre is a Peacock and I've adorned him with some turquoise and aurora borealis prong set rhinestones. When thinking of his name, and Pierre came to me, I also thought of my green man above and the thoughts about the green man being appropriate for St. Patrick's Day. It all reminds me of my grandfather - who died over 20 years ago. His birthday was St. Patrick's Day, and he had a dog named Pierre. I guess perhaps it was his spirit speaking to me today in my works. If you'd like to bid on Pierre the Peacock, you can do so here.

As always, thanks for your nice comments and for taking your time to look at my jewelry.


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