Saturday, February 10, 2007

Seed pod, Fantasy flower & Bluebird art jewelry

Three more new jewels emerged from the studio today! First shown here is BASTIN - Bastin is a bluebird brooch and he even has a tiny sapphire blue glass bead for an eye, but you can't see it in my photo. The beads are sodalite and freshwater pearl. If you'd like to bring HAPPINESS to your life, you can bid on Bastin here.

Next up is a brooch I've titled FLOW. Flow features a sandy background with a deep amethyst flower as the focal point. The accents are some rare vintage no hole pearls I have in my bead stock here. If you'd like to bid on Flow, click here!

And then we have a pendant (or art bead if you are a jewelry designer) which I've titled POWER POD. It's a seed pod, BUT, it's different than what your normally see as it's done in PURPLE and the beads are actually a lavender glass faux pearl. The hole to run a chain or cord through is behind the leaf on top. If you'd like to bid on POWER POD, click here.

Thanks again for taking the time to look at my art jewels!


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