Friday, January 26, 2007

My "opal" inlay rose brooch

In creating all of the abstract opals, I finally had an idea to make some actual inlays of familiarly shaped items. Yesterday, I made a bluebird and a butterfly (no photo, sorry) and took those down with the abstract pieces to the gallery. Then I came home and decided to make a rose brooch for myself to wear to the show tonight. So this is my design...and if the glaze cures enough by tonight, I'll wear it!

I'm really happy with the way these are coming out. I'm frustrated with the glaze curing time - but hey, my studio is basement level and it's freezing, so these jewels take longer to cure this time of year. I've brought the rose upstairs for the rest of the day, so maybe the warmer temp up here will help it set up okay by tonight. I wish they'd make a glaze which would dry IMMEDIATELY - yes, I'm an instant-gratification-kind-of-person. :) I'm thinking of picking up some Kato liquid clay today - I hear that cures fairly clear and I might not need to use the glaze. Hopefully I can find it, but with my luck lately, I'll probably have to come up with another solution. Especially since HL is doing "empty shelves". UGH.


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Ally j! said...

I like the rose..:]