Saturday, January 20, 2007

Today I'm working on...

....a horse painting on brick. I'm doing a white horse against a dark background. The background is done, and I'm waiting on it to dry before I start the horse.

I'm trying to infuse a rainbow of colors in my new works on the bricks. Something which is white looks totally flat if you just use white paint, so this will really give me a chance to experiment with the different color combinations.

My neighbors saw the three first brick paintings today and they loved them! So that made me feel good to see a positive reaction from a human...LOL! They do look so much nicer in person than person you can see more of the brushstrokes and feel the texture in areas. My neighbors also saw my digital painting of Max framed up in the living room, and they liked that too. They pointed out I really need a spotlight on that one, and I think they are right!

Earlier this morning I added scanned images of the brick art rather than photos. My scanner produces things very dark it seems, but I lighten it to the correct shades via my software so it looks comparable in colors to the real thing. I decided to put some of these images on products in my Cafepress shop, so I did that this morning too. Here's the link. Hope you enjoy seeing my new brick art! Already my mind is brimming with subjects. I was thinking of a seascape grouping for the bathroom, as I have oceanic colors in there, and I think that would be really neat. Also a "faux" aquarium for the living room....perhaps a grouping of 6 to 12 bricks which can be placed together somehow. In fact, that just might be what my stone fireplace mantle needs to set it off! :)


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