Monday, January 22, 2007

Two new brick paintings - Horse & Magnolia

Finally! Two more brick paintings completed. After 3 days of not being left alone, I finally stole the day yesterday and worked. The horse didn't turn out exactly as I had originally planned, but I like it.

The magnolia is more "white" than it looks on my screen, but then my monitor tends to show things darker. It turned out fantastic!

The plan is to do another magnolia today (a pink pair of them). Who knows if I'll get that accomplished...LOL. Unfortunately I saw a show on HGTV a few moments ago that gave me some ideas with my acrylic paint and polymer for jewelry. Sigh. I need to quit watching HGTV. So many cool things to try that spawn creative ideas in me! Oh well, at least I'm learning new things and having fun! :)

BTW, the brick paintings are on auction this week - go take a look if you have time! :)


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