Thursday, January 18, 2007

New art - brick paintings

Okay, as's my new art creations. For a long time I've wanted to do these. I decided since my digital art is SO STRENUOUS to get it all just perfect for all the products it has to go on, I needed to do another type of painting to relax. So I've taken off with my brick painting idea and am painting whatever the heck I want, in a loose, impressionist style, on various styles of individual bricks.

Each painting is an original work of art. The ones on the standard sized paver bricks like these are 7.5" x 3.75" and can be displayed in homes and offices in various ways. I can already tell from placing these three in my home I'll be able to add a variety of art in places I never thought I could! (bookends on my end tables for instance!)

Each one is also painted on the back, and I've applied gold dust to the back as well. Heck, everyone needs a little sparkle in their life, right? :) I've included a white area on the back where I sign and date there, as well as write the name of the piece and the brick number.

Here are shown the first 3 I've completed. Of course, I ALWAYS start any new project by doing sunflowers (my favorite flower) and then by doing a tulip (I love their sleek, elegant look!) and then what would an office be without a soothing beach scene to look at every so often?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy! I will post more as I get them done.


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