Friday, April 21, 2006

I bought another domain....

......yep, like I really needed it. LOL Here's how I rationalized it. I have a site with my original art and jewelry, and the domain is - not the easiest to remember for people as far as spelling, etc. Invariably, most people spell "Michele" with two L's - and I can't even begin to detail out how many ways "Janine" has been spelled. (thanks mom for this name.....LOL!) Anyway, for years I have been going by my nickname "Jai", so I decided to get an easy to remember domain using "Jai" in the name. I selected and this site goes directly to my publisher's site where my fine art prints and cards can be found. I've been meaning to take care of that little detail for a while now - and I'm glad I finally went ahead and bought it...I think it will make my store much easier to find for others, as well as easy to remember.


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