Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Back from Florida!

Well we made it back from FL. Don't think I was ever so glad to be back home as I was with this trip....the drive was long and exahusting, though we were lucky with the beautiful weather we had. But I'm sure glad to be back at "the Sanctuary" (i.e. my house).

Here's some photos of little Alex...he is just the most precious little miracle!

Here's a photo of mom Kelly with little Alex - she sure has done great through this whole thing and that little boy is just going to have the best mom ever! :)

And here's a photo of "Birth Journey", framed and hanging on the wall. She had the perfect spot reserved for it and it looks fabulous in her home.

I've enjoyed the break and welcoming Alex into the world...but now it's time to get back to life again...starting with mowing the yard today and hopefully beginning my next illustration by tomorrow. The next painting is called "In Your Hands" and the message it delivers is one of self-responsibility.


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