Monday, June 12, 2006

NEW PAINTING: "In Your Hands"

Here's my newest painting in watercolor titled "In Your Hands". In this illustration, I've attempted to deliver a message of self-responsibility.

In the hands sits a bluebird - a bird representative of happiness. Your happiness is in your hands. Some people don't like to hear that - many put their happiness (or lack thereof) into the hands of others. But in reality, I believe our happiness is totally our own responsibility.

Sure, sometimes we have rough times. This is what the woman represents in this painting...she is coming from darkness and despair, and is coming into the light and promise of the rainbow-filled future. Often as we struggle through the dark times, we need a source of strength - this is what the tiger represents...he is carrying the woman forward, giving her a "lift" into the light.

One year ago this month, I walked out of Books a Million here in Jackson and saw the most amazing sight - two glorious and colorful rainbows filling the sky. So I've added them into my painting to demonstrate what our futures can's just a matter of if we can be open enough to see the good that's out there...and if we are willing to reach for that good and hold it in our hands.

The original painting and prints can be purchased from my website. It's a colorful design - one which will hopefully give others the hope and promise of the beauty ahead.


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