Saturday, June 24, 2006

20/20/7 - "Tell You A Secret" featuring the dog and unicorn (click here to bid)

"Tell You A Secret", featuring the dog and the unicorn - original watercolor & ink artwork.

Update: As you can tell, I haven't reached my 20 paintings yet for this week (I still have 2 days though!). It's amazing to me how when you set your mind to do something, so many things seem to pop up and get in the way (or try to). For me that has been people with negative energy who try to get me to do what THEY want, with no regard to what my life, my schedule, or my feelings, wants and desires are.

See, somewhere in my early life, I switched from being an ARTIST to someone with a CDYCOM Degree ("come dump your crap on me" degree). So I've been working for the last several years to toss away that degree and regain my ARTIST title, as that pays better and it's much more fulfilling to me as a person. As a result, since I am so quick to say what I REALLY think and back off of the "receiving of the crap" the other degree entailed, it's angered a few people who now feel they have to threaten me if I don't do what they want, and I've been yelled at a bit, as well as had to deal with the rudest, the ugliest, and the downright meanest behaviors I've ever seen.

It's been really difficult this week and I've ticked off a few more folks.....but....last time I checked, they weren't living my life and trying to pay my bills. (that CDYCOM degree just doesn't pay well at all!) So I'm standing my ground and I *will* keep on my path with my 20 mini paintings each week.

(don't get me wrong....I do have friends with whom I share troubles and have discussions about life issues with...but these TRUE friends actually are fair about it....they share their stuff, I share mine, and we both move on to the track we want to be on with our lives...they don't try to "take over" my life, nor to they blatantly ignore my issues while trying to cram their own - day in and day out - down my I said, those are TRUE relationships where there is genuine caring for the other person.)

Anyway, back on track now, I've got some COCKATIEL paintings on the drawing board, some great DOG works of art, and a series of FLORALS. Plus I am willing to hear suggestions of what others want to see - with these mini paintings I am totally open to creating any type of art in the small format!


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